Hot… still…

OMG, I woke up a few times in the night with my legs just in agony.  Xtreme pain and sore knees.  I always get paranoid when my knees hurt.  I’d have got up and taken a nurofen but I didn’t know if I had any or where they were and it involved getting up.

Being kinda crazy, I packed my workout gear to take to work just in case I felt like going to the gym, figuring I could leave it at work for another time.  By mid-afternoon, my legs felt fine.  I almost decided not to go to the gym cos I felt too tired, but being too tired is NOT an excuse.  Plus I’ve got a free pass for the City Baths and wanted to check out their boxing classes.

I had an hour or so to kill before the boxing class but couldn’t be arsed doing anything so thought I’d go to the baths and get some gym time in beforehand.  I’m so hard-core.   Then I started getting changed and realised I’d left my shoes behind.  Zoinks!

Anyway I got to chat to the membership guy.  I’m almost convinced about joining – for starters, I love the City Baths.  It’s such a gorgeous building and it’s a great gym.  Plus you get a one hour session with a trainer when you join to develop your program then a one hour session working through it.  After every 10 workouts you can book back in to get your program changed, check the intensity etc and if you’re getting the results you want.  That’s all included in your membership fees, which is awesome compared to most commercial gyms (where you have to pay $$$ on top of your membership to even get a program).

Plus they have the boxing classes with a dedicated room set up and you can go use the bags etc when the classes aren’t on.  I love that.  I’d get a punching bag for home if I thought the house structure could support it.

Plus they have kettlebell training classes!  *squee* I was reading about kettlebell training the other day and really wanted to try it.

Oh yeah and I love their pool cos it’s short so I can actually swim laps without pooping out!

I still want to check out the Collingwood Leisure Centre – I used to go there all the time as a casual but they’ve renovated quite a bit since.  It’s more convenient, travel-wise but I have no idea how much the membership costs.

So anyway, to make up for missing the class today, I’ve talked Simon into going to the City Baths running group with me — at 6.15 am tomorrow!!!!  I forgot I’m not a morning person.

8 responses to “Hot… still…

  1. I love the city baths as well – awesome equipment and it’s empty! Well mind you I’m only ever there on weekends, and only when I’m in Melb – hoping to make it there at least twice this long weekend though!!


  3. Yes, do the Kettlebell classes. They seem to be the new in thing and I’ve read that they are fantastic for strength training.

    If you really want a good workout class, look up Cross Fit Victoria. I’m sure you’d love it. Unfortunately it’s not out my way otherwise I’d be signing up straight away.

  4. You are getting FRIGHTENINGLY hardcore.
    I swim at Collingwood leisure centre, it’s very nice and quite reasonable $$$, not sure about the gym tho, it looks ok through the window 😛

  5. Hope 6.15am run group went well 😯 Hopefully, it was cool for you, this damn heat!

    Whenever I drive past Collingwood Leisure Centre, I always think how nice it looks.

  6. If it is reasonable and you would go, then join! The sooner you start using it, the sooner it develops value. (I use this theory when buying new clothes working on the wears per dollar scale)

  7. I have one of those MCB free passes (from Super Sunset Series 2) if you want it – just have to work out how to get it to you!

  8. Kettlebells are a new/old way of training.
    Give them a go and I’m pretty sure you’ll love ’em as they’ll give you a new zest for training

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