Sunday = Hot Day

Man, hot enough for ya?  It is if you live in Melbs I reckon, unless you’re some kind of freak.

Last day of PHAT camp today.  I definitely wasn’t in a good mind frame for it.  My bloody neighbours had a party last night.  No so much loud music just cheering and applause at regular intervals.  Who knows what they were doing?  About 1.30 I stuck my head out the window (my bedroom window faces the flats next door) and yelled at them to shut up.  That made a lot of difference!  Then about 3.00 am they went out and I got to sleep.

Anyway, we worked on shoulders and legs today.  I really, really didn’t want to do the leg workout because my legs, they’d suffered enough.  We’d done so much squatting and lunging already.  It actually wasn’t too bad.  I tend to have it fairly easy on my legs because I worry about getting injured and not being able to run but I’m nicely sore without doing any damage — I did wimp out on some of the harder stuff though.

It’s been a pretty full on weekend.  Lots of fun.  Between all the information I’ve taken in and the head and the lack of sleep, my brain is not really working atm.


2 responses to “Sunday = Hot Day

  1. I’d have stayed home under the AC – oh hang on, I did.
    How’s the jumper going, that made me laugh!

  2. What with your nutty flatmate and your noisy neighbours, I’m glad I ain’t you! Hope your legs are feeling a bit better by now mate.

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