I am officially dead. This is my ghost typing. Well maybe not, do non-coporeal beings feel this much pain?

Arrrgghh, my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, my legs hurt and we haven’t even done the leg workout yet (but a zillion and one pop squats… and pop squats are the exercise favoured in hell).

I did 2 stupid things today at PHAT camp.

1. We had a break between sessions and got to use the cardio machines in the gym. I thought we weren’t doing other cardio so did an interval session on the treadie. Then after the workouts, we went outside to run sprints.

2. At the end of the sprints, anyone who wanted to do a sprint race had to go in a group. I decide I was up for it… oh boy, was it Homer Simpson who said never volunteer for anything? Who ever said it was so right. We didn’t just do a nice, safe anonymous sprint race… oh no. It was like a team relay thing and I was the last one running in my team, so everyone got to see my crappy running as I came in dead last.

You know something, when people are doing that thing of being supportive and all ‘go you’ etc, I know it’s meant to be helpful and their heart is in the right place, but I really hate it (oh but not in blog comments – I love it then or from ppl I know). It may not be the intention but to me it feels like – ‘let’s encourage the fat girl’. Yeah, I’m overly sensitive to that stuff.

Oh and I did another stupid thing. We went out for dinner and my sister had Bailey’s mousse cake and couldn’t finish it…

I did get fired up when I got home tonight. The catch on our gate is really annoying – I never shut it cos it gets stuck and it’s really, really hard to open but our housemate always shuts it. Plus it sticks out funny and we’re always knocking our hips on it and get big bruises. So when I got home, the gate was closed. I kicked it about a dozen times until it opened then went in the house and got a hammer and knocked the catch off the gate although. Ha, broke the hammer in the process but that damn gate won’t defeat me.


6 responses to “Dead

  1. I’m sorry, but I cracked up at the image of you banging away with a hammer in the wee hours. πŸ™‚

  2. You were awesome for doing the sprint race…..insane, but awesome. God knows, I wasn’t up for it!

    I can’t lift my arms this morning….. those damn bicep curl supersets! Legs today – ooh, goodie! πŸ™‚

  3. all hail to kathryn the gate crusher.,lol

  4. LOL at the gate latch – I can imagine how seriously pissed you would have been by that stage to go in and get the hammer! Good going with bloody Phat Camp – you have a strong will about you young Kathryn that I want to bottle up and take when I need it myself!!

  5. So is Phat Camp finished now ? Hope you recover soon. I’m sure it is just that “good” muscle pain.

  6. LOL, I know what you mean. When I do speedwork on Tuesdays I am generally last, yet everyone cheers, it’s like “yay, you came last, points for effort though”.

    Once they were all waiting for me at the top of the hill while I dragged my sorry butt up the last rep, I think I actually told them all to fuck off, and these were supposed to be my friends 😳

    Go you though, bet you are learning heaps of new exercises, I wanna hear what these pop squats are.

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