More dentist and more running and more psycho housemate!

Back to the dentist today.  He wrote me up a treatment plan – $6000 for phase 1.  OMG… ouch!  I have to get 2 root canal, yeah that’s me being a whimpering pile in the corner every time I think about root canals.  Plus some crowns etc.


Last night I did the final Sunset Series run.  I turned up thinking I’d do a lousy time and I did.  I just checked the results – 12th last!  I just didn’t have the caring in me to do it fast.  When I got there I had a headache and it was only when I started running I realised it could have possibly been caused by dehydration — oops.  I stopped at every drink stop, even the first one which was around the .5 km mark.

Then I got to Anderson St hill and remembered the physio said no hill running.  Sure that was over 2 weeks ago and my calves have been fine since then but — I’m almost too scared to write this in case of jinxing — every time I’ve had a big run like Run for the Kids or City to Surf, I’ve ended up with some kind of injury a few weeks beforehand.  I’m playing by the better safe than sorry rules this time (or maybe the lazy-arse rules, hard to tell).

Anyway my time ended up at 57.28 mins.  I’m not sure if that’s a personal worst but I reckon it’s close.  At least there were plenty of drinks at the end this time.


Psycho housemate is getting worse.  We have an empty room in our house since one of the old housemates did a runner.  I don’t really care since we don’t have to cover the rent but psycho housemate decided today that someone has been getting into the room and using it.  My bedroom is the only room that joins the empty one and I’ve never heard any noise coming from there so I totally doubt it but PHM has been dicking around, nailing up the windows etc today.

He’s not only going psycho, he’s driving me with him I swear.  I’d planned a week off work with lots of productive writing and instead I spend most of my time avoiding him.  He keeps knocking on my bedroom door telling me shit.  Today I wanted to go out on the front porch to work on stuff but I had to wait until PHM left… then half hour later he was home again!  Arrrgghh!  If I’m not working next week, I’m going to end up killing him.

9 responses to “More dentist and more running and more psycho housemate!

  1. $6000! For phase 1! Yikes thats a lot.

  2. Ughh, thanks for the reminder, I didn’t reschedule the dentist checkup I cancelled last November 😦

    I hate them, I always feel violated, it’s gross. I had a RC a few years ago and the periodontist used to give me valium because my shaking made his job difficult 😆

    Be a brave girl, you can totally have a treat afterwards.

    I found out about the Nick Cave conversations thing too late as well, probably for the best, not sure I could resist throwing my knickers at him.

  3. Holy moley! But it will be worth it yeah. Teeth are important. So are your legs – listen to your physio!!

    OMG is your flatmate suffering from some kind self-induced pyshcosis or something? Freaky. Hon, that is not normal behaviour. Did you hear about the son who killed his father because he smoked too much weed and thought his father was a clone? Seriously, not to scare you or anything, is he smoking or tripping out? Has he got friends you can speak to?

  4. Oh well, it was a hot and horrible night for a run, I’m glad I chose not to come to be honest!

    OMG – the dentist bill is horrendous isn’t it!

  5. yep my dentist bill is about the same

  6. I am with Random Bites, you PHM sounds like he’s flipping out… be careful that he doesn’t turn dangerous! The dentists bill is freakin scary!

  7. I can guarantee that the root canals won’t hurt nearly as much as paying for them

  8. Oh no! root canals……oh dear…
    Seriously darl, can you move to another house?

  9. Please don’t ignore or trivialise your instincts about your house mate. He reminds me of a guy I used to work with. This guy was clearly paranoid, too … he used to check cupboards for listening devices, etc etc etc … I complained to my managers about him several times, and all they did was tell me that I wasn’t a psychologist, and therefore, how dare I accuse someone of having a psychiatric problem. Then, one night at work, SIX police officers came and took him away in handcuffs. It turns out he was an escaped psychiatric patient who’d been on the run for 6 months.

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