Photos Galore

Mary said I should put up photos of the stuff I talk about so I got out the camera (aka phone) and well, went a bit crazy. So here goes:


This is my new handbag. I love it cos it’s nice and small. Normally I shlepp my backpack full of workout gear to work then it gets to lunch time and I don’t want to carry all my workout crap with me so just take my wallet, phone etc in my hand but now I can take this bag 😀


I’m Miss World. I love the 90s grungeness of this dress. I want some docs to wear with it now. I may just wear it when I go see the Smashing Pumpkins at V festival and it will complete my 90s-ness.


This photo, apart from being blurry, doesn’t show the pinkness of the jacket. It’s not all pink, just pink in the spots. It’s awesome and snuggly. Bring on winter!


These shoes just insisted on being photographed blurry. They are in fact most awesome in a kinda bondage mistress yet corporate way. I don’t care about circulation to my toes, I must wear them (I might spray then with that shoe stretch spray though… oh yeah and get some inner soles cos I’m a complete nanna about inner soles).


Flower Antlers Rule! They aren’t new, but I found them the last time I went to my storage space. Normally the flowers stick right up but you try to take a photo of yourself in sticking up flower antlers.


My exercise bike. I actually rang the hire company over a week ago and told them I didn’t want it any more and they reimbursed my rent paid but haven’t picked it up yet! Free bike, gotta love that.


Birdcage with no bird – cos birds are gross and scary (plus it’s meant to be decorative not a real cage). I’ve had this for years and love it but if you look closely, you’ll notice I’m too slack to take the tag off it.


Chandelabra (it’s actually a candlabra but I call it chandelabra). Next to it is my pirate hat. Oops, the other day I was talking about my house to one of the waitress at the fave cafe and she said something about seeing a pirate at my house! I had to ‘fess up the tap dancing pirate hat wearing loony was me at our garage sale last year. Good to know I’m memorable, I guess.


The flats next door where they have NOISY parties (we think now it could be one of the other waitresses but she said she’d invite us to the next party). Now we’re more worried about the crazy chick who lets her baby cry all night (and I mean that literally, for hours while she sits on the balcony in her dressing gown smoking fags).


The pinifore (sp?) I recently bought to wear to work. I took a photo of it with the matching jacket but it came out all blurry.


Workout land. I need to get some new plates for my dumbbells cos they only go up to 12 kgs. I got a clever idea from online of getting 1 kgs ankle weights so I can go up a kg without having to monotonously unscrewing all the dumbbell ends.


Clapper – the best $1 I ever spent cos I’ve had hours of fun with it esp when my team is beating my sister’s team (we won’t mention that stupid NAB cup, which we didn’t want to win anyway on account of the NAB cup curse).


My favourite thing in the whole world, oh yeah my bed.  I love you bed with all my heart.  This is the before pic so I can post an after one when I get the new bed.  My friend Tim made the quilt and he used some of my pj tops (I only wear the bottoms with a singlets or t-shirts) which rocks cos I have matching quilt and pjs.  I made the cushions myself cos I rock at sewing… ha ha.


My trunk that I have been intending to take to my storage space for ages.  I painted it purple.  The quilt on top wasn’t made by anyone – well I guess it was but not anyone I know, prolly someone in a sweat shop somewhere (who still got paid more than Tim).


Awesome pink saucepans I bought last year and keep in my room so the rancid housemate can’t get his grimy mitts on them and make them yucky.


The bathroom sink that the housemate reckons he cleaned!  Oh yeah, that looks real clean to me.


My knee scab.  It’s so hard to take a photo of your own knee scab.  I did back-to-back go-go classes last night and wore jeans.  Not a good idea when you have a scabby knee.


Backyard with unmowed lawn.


Front yard – it actually looks okay in this pic cos you can’t see the housemate’s crap.

image097.jpg  image103.jpg

Back and front door lock holes – these are the ones the crazed housemate reckons have been swapped over!  If you look closely, you can see where the crazed housemate keeps filing the holes because the doors don’t lock properly.  I wish he’d just leave our lock holes alone.  I actually think the doors don’t lock properly cos he has the door snibbed.

Anyway, that’s it.  I took some photos of my bike but they came out too dark.


7 responses to “Photos Galore

  1. Totally cool photos, love how you shared a bit of yourself. Thanks.

  2. love the lace up shoes

  3. Whoot! I love perving and love your *stuff*. I’m especially impressed by that scab. Much worse than I imagined it. Oh and the flowers in your hair are fab! Your weights collection put me to shame and your flatmate is just plain weird. I need a new bag too. Thanks for sharing – I owe you one now! 🙂

  4. How much do I covet your coat and shoes? A LOT – but I’d have to have yourcalves for those shoes, on me they’d look like the supernanny LOL Don’t want the knee though, ow ow

  5. ouchy your knee, that looks flipping sore!

    Loved looking at your stuff 🙂

  6. Love this post, love getting an insight into your world. Especially love the lock hole photos – correct me if i’m wrong but I reckon the holes are still there!! hehe
    Ouch for your poor scabby knee.

  7. lots of cool stuff Kathryn – I love photo posts. Your patio is a great area.

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