Easy Sunday

I’ve been procrastinating about going to the gym all day – it’s hot, sleepy weather not gym weather at all – when I got the bright idea of going for a swim instead.  A bit of a cop out since I can’t swim fast enough to get any kind of cardio workout but I did some treading water intervals (with no hands), that’s a killer.

We went in to the City Baths cos the suburban pools are so full of kids and bug the hell out of me.  I love the pool at the City Baths, even though it’s small (which is okay with my swimming), it’s just so lovely.

Afterwards, I was ravenous so we headed to Victoria Street.  Got some Vietnamese bakery treats plus I picked up lychees for 99c/kg at one of the fruit places.  OMG that makes me happy.  I also got one of those packs of Asian fruit jelly puddings in lychee flavour – I love them so much.  I dunno the proper name for them, I just call them puddings.

Three weeks to Run for the Kids – I’m so not prepared!


4 responses to “Easy Sunday

  1. You have done plenty of preparation for R4K- you will be fine- and there is more than enough time for some hard work before that lovely lovely taper.

  2. You’re not the only was who is under prepared for the R4TK, I haven’t run that distance for ages.

  3. yeah- ive been doing track racing(400m and 800m) so i am very underprepped for the R4K

  4. You are SO prepared 🙂
    your day sounds just gorgeous – swimming, vietnamese food and some take-home dessert – perfect 🙂

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