I went to the R4tK training this morning.  Woohoo, no calf pain.  That makes me so happy.  I only did the shorter run, 6 km and I felt good afterwards so I got my free coffee and muffin then wandered through the city.  When I got to Carlton, I ran the rest of the way home.  That made it 10 kms all up.

Today I have to clean my room.  I don’t know how I get so many clothes around the place.  Every week I have to clean up and put stuff away.  When you consider it’s only 7 days worth of outfits (and some of that ends up in the laundry basket) it doesn’t really make sense.  Maybe I need to be more decisive about how I dress.

After that, I’ve got a podiatry appointment.  Just a checkup for the diabetes stuff.  I don’t expect any real issues.

Tonight I’m watching the NAB cup.  I’ve been really getting into it.  I wanted to bet on a St Kilda-Adelaide gf before it started but my sister wouldn’t go to the scary TAB with me and she said I was stupid.  I think I’ve been very restrained only saying I told you so less than half dozen times.  Go Crows!


6 responses to “Running

  1. Great news about the calves 🙂

    I would love to one of the Start to Finish training sessions on the Sat morning especially for the free coffee and muffin!

  2. Ah, the TAB isn’t scary. I used to go to the local TAB twice a week, with big pregnant belly and toddler in tow to bet on the horsies and MAN, did I get some funny looks form the chain-smoking old codgers there. I’m pretty sure I won more than they did…..

    Mind you, my $2 bets prolly didn’t impress anyone. It was way more fun than Tattslotto anyway.

    You must dress like I do. I’ll wear this….no, that makes my arse look big….this then…, I have no shoes to go with that….OK, this….no, too much cleavage for work. Gah!

    I used to be indecisive, but now I just don’t know….

    Boom-BOOM! 🙂

  3. Why do you follow the Crows? You’re from Tassie

  4. Glad your calves are behaving. I have only just learnt that if you put things away instead of on the floor, the place is tidier- who would have thought! (apparently my mother had been telling me for years- but it was those years when I wasn’t listening)

  5. It’s not fair that they don’t have the muffins on the weeknight sessions 😦 Glad the calf pain didn’t make an appearance!

  6. Hellooooo, good to see you in the thick of it today with a big smile on your face 🙂

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