Weigh In 85.3 kgs

I reckon I would have come in a bit lighter this morning if I’d been able to take more pooing time on the loo before weighing myself, but is it worth being late for work just to weigh in 100 grams or so less?

Actually, yes it is since my freaken tram didn’t turn up after I waited half hour or more!  Damn PT, I could have crapped out heaps.

After that lovely intro, I will spare you the yummy description of my pusy knee scab especially the part where I thought it was healed enough to not be covered today so I wore stockings and the scab stuck to the stockings and ouch!  Plus it keeps healing tight then I have to bend my knee and it really hurts.  Doesn’t hurt when I run though 😀  I wasn’t even a deep graze, just that I have little skin left on my knee to spare now.

Last day at work today.  I’ve got next week off then onto a new contract (I hope, hasn’t been confirmed yet).  I had 3-4 people tell me what a wonderful job I did before I left so that was kinda nice.  Arrrgghh but I had to help present stuff at a meeting today – boring.  Still, I got free sandwiches which is good.

After work I met up with my sister and we went shopping.  We went to Target and I got a heap of stuff but there were such massive queues at the checkout I decided not to buy anything.  Then I went to Jeans West and got some new jeans (not black ones cos every time I buy black jeans I put on weight and they don’t fit any more… black jeans are cursed, I tell ya) plus a purple ’90s grunge style dress, oh my it’s awesome.

I wanted to wear the dress straight away so had to squat down to get it de-tagged.  That killed my scabby knee.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell the sales girl about your scabby knee oozing pus after you’ve just tried on a heap of jeans!

I also went to Minotaur and got a Rocky mug.  It says ‘Yo Adrian’.  I could almost weep from the awesomeness of it.

Oh yeah and my laptop went dodgy again the other day.  I had a whole day with no computer *screams* – well except at work.  This laptop is fraught with danger – I still haven’t gotten the screen fixed either.  I think the laptop itself is okay, just the connection between things are screwy.  Could be a metaphor for my life really.


5 responses to “Weigh In 85.3 kgs

  1. Eww about the knee
    Excellent mug!
    I had no idea about black jeans! Thanks for the warning!
    Love the laptop metaphor 🙂

  2. I am in mega blog catch up mode this morning. Bummer about the knee you clutz!

    Don’t forget to shave and burb before getting on the scales as well.

    I like your gluten free comment, is it just me or does it seem that there are so many things that people are “intolerant” to these days. 10/15 years ago all this stuff was unheard of and everyone seemed pretty happy. I reckon some people are just too damn fussy.

  3. you’re always good for a laugh, but i’m laughing WITH you, not AT you!! hehe


  4. I would go commando at fat club if I was really worried- and take out earrings too. I used spray on bandaids to stop the ooze- the sting that you feel when it goes on makes it completely not worth the pain.

  5. Photos, photos, photos girl! You can’t just describe all this fun stuff!!

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