Run home

Woohoo, today I ran and didn’t fall over.  That’s got to be a good day.

I ran home from work.  Never done that before and was a bit nervous about it, first because I thought running with a backpack might not be good with my really dodgy lack of balance lately and secondly because I had to get changed at work and leave the building in running clothes!

I planned on leaving my work clothes at work then realised that having a bit of cushioning in the backpack would beat having the wallet, phone etc rattling around in there.  Brains, they come in handy some times.

It took a while to get used to the backpack but once I got started, forgot I had it on.  Lately I’ve been tending to hunch my shoulders when I run so the backpack might have actually been a good thing for stopping that.

I put on my ipod and decided to listen to a mix I downloaded from fitpod (awesome link from katie p)- downloaded it ages ago and have never bothered to run to it, think it’d be all dodgy doof music, but today I figured a 30+ min mix would be better than dicking around skipping songs etc (I don’t have my playlists loaded onto my new ipod yet).  Got to say I was quite impressed.  There was some doof but a bit of rock & punk & pop mixed in as well

, since I didn’t know the songs, there was no chance of me singing along (not that I do that often but some chick at the fun run last week was singing very loudly and it’s made me self conscious about it.  On the plus side, not only did I overtake her running, I sing better too and that’s saying something — not at all competitive, am I).

Normally it takes me 45 mins at least to walk home from work (it’s only 4 kms, I thought it was longer), depending on the lights.  I’ve got to get across three major intersections – Johnson St (or is it Johnstone?), Alexandria Ave and St George’s Rd.  That can eat up a good 5+ mins.  Oh yeah and stupid Victoria St.  That’s 4 major intersections.

Tonight it took me 28 mins to run home.  What with backpack strap adjusting time and traffic lights, that’s a good sub 7 min/km time.


7 responses to “Run home

  1. You? Competitive?
    That’s a good clip for an afternoon run, glad you didn’t fall again, I winced yesterday at your skinned knees but stupid mozilla wouldn’t let me comment

  2. I love singing along to my music, and when I’m running with Michelle, she just has to grin and bear it 🙂

    How cool is it to run home from work. I’m sure that you’ll be doing it more often now that you’ve done it once.

  3. I’ve often thought about running to/from work, but carrying the laptop in the back pack makes it a bit hard. Can manage it on the bike, but not running methinks.

  4. Well done you. I keep my running separate from my commute still but will be doing it once I’m running a bit further.

    I tend to walk home.

  5. Woot! Maybe the backpack gives you the stability that you need to not fall over!! hehe

  6. You’re a kak! Thanks for that music link – will have to check it out.

  7. Running with scabby knees? Ouch!

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