Random thoughts

  • Yah, more exciting writing new for me over here –>
  • Why the hell is every single food product you buy nowadays gluten free?  I can understand if you don’t want gluten in your diet and you need that info on gluten type products but I swear even stuff like salt and pepper come with gluten-free labels!  Is gluten-free the new low GI or maybe the new low carb?  Someone’s always got to be the bad guy.
  • I fell over running again this morning.  I’ve got scabs on my scabs now.  Twice in 2 weeks is kinda extreme.  Of course, I was running along thinking how much I enjoy running in the mornings and how I should run every morning just before it happened.
  • I’ve been making an inspiration book – filled with pictures and things that inspire me.  I went through all my diet and health magazines the other day.  Do you know how hard it is find pictures of people exercising?  There are heaps of pics of models all made up pretending to exercise but they’re so obviously faking it.  Also, why are diet magazines full of pics of chocolate and cakes?  So many articles saying — this is bad, no don’t eat it — with a kit kat sitting next to it.  Cos they want you to eat it, so you keep buying their mag.  It’s a total con.  If you want to lose weight, don’t read diet mags.
  • When I was going my fun run last week, I had a very heartening thought.  There are heaps of skinny people who run just as slow as me so when I lose weight I’ll totally kick their arses.  After all I’m as fit as them with all this extra weight.  In fact, I’d even like to see the people who are slightly faster do it with 20 extra kgs weighing them down.  I fully rock!

7 responses to “Random thoughts

  1. First, congrats on the writing achievements.

    Second, the thought of how much faster I will be when I’m skinnier keeps me going too! 😉

  2. YES Kathryn, YOU DO ROCK!!!

  3. SO with you on the crappy models-pretending-to-exercise photos. And they’re usually skinny, waif-like things who’d prolly break an arm if they tried to lift a 5-kg dumbbell.


    Nice work on the writing! You’ll be FAMOUS and far too snobby for the likes of us before you know it.


  4. 1. Seriously, good going with your writing hon!

    2. I learned something interesting about gluten-free last week – it’s pointless to anyone who isn’t actually a coeliac so it’s a bit of a joke if you go all gluten-free and you’re not a coeliac. There’s more to it than that of course but it’s not going to really going to make much of a difference to you. Correct me if I’m wrong – I do have to follow up that discussion. It actually annoys me when I hear someone say they are gluten intolerant (or anything intolerant). Did they go to the doctor and actually get diagnosed? Gotta love how we all jump on the media hype.

    3. Scabs – ouch! Are you a picker? I am. Bad.

    4. Haha – you’re so right! Lots of sweets and sweet-y recipes too. Love the idea of the inspiration book.

    5. You do rock!

  5. So many people who weren’t actually coeliac used to get benefits from going “gluten free” because it meant they cut a heap of processed foods out of their diet.

    These days, you can get gluten free EVERYTHING readily available in almost all supermarkets. So it doesn’t have that much of an effect on somebody who isn’t a coeliac anymore…. In other words, it’s still CAKE, even if they did take the gluten out.

    I actually think there is a requirement now that food must be marked if it does contain gluten, hence why they may be labelling quite obvious things gluten free.

  6. Yes, you do rock – and what a good idea to have an inspiration book! I’ll send you some tragic sweaty finish-line photos if you like.
    When you lose the weight you will be a rocket

  7. Congrats on your writing Kathryn 🙂

    I made a book similar to that when I was in my twenties. It would be really interesting to look at that if I knew where it went!

    Love your last point 😆

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