Weigh In 85.8 kgs

Arrrgghhh – I knew my weight would go up after last week but I didn’t think it’d be this bad.  Still I’ve not eaten well this week.

From now on I want to give myself a rating on my effort for the week and this week’s rating is 4/10.  Too much snacking on unhealthy foods – well there was that big sugar binge!  This week’s goal is to cut back on treats to one a day and more eating (and cooking) at home.

I’m off to the market tonight to stock up and am going to do a big cook up this weekend.


4 responses to “Weigh In 85.8 kgs

  1. I’m gdetting back to my ‘chart’ this week cos I’m feeling very aimless and a bit out of control. One of the things I’ll be ticking off each day is WED – Wise Eating Day. If I can look back at bedtime and NOT sigh and think, well that was stupid, why did I eat that? then it was a WED.
    Weight shmate – how are your measurements?

  2. Home cooking is the best!

  3. You and me both hon! Chocolate and icecream have featured big time in my diet lately and it’s not even that nice so I’ll have some more just in case the next tub will be better LOL. The time starts…..now! Back on track 🙂

  4. I’ve been bad too, i’m feeling so lazy. I haven’t taken my lunch to work for about 3 weeks and buying stuff is B A D dagnabbit!

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