Back in Black

I’ve wanted to dye my hair black for ages but couldn’t since Andrew had his black and dyeing my hair the same colour as my son’s would be totally lame.  Now he’s had his hair cut off and back to it’s natural (red) colour so I’m all black tonight!  Including my hands, damn dodgy free gloves.

Last night we booked airfares to Hobart.  Although I’ve been to Tassie heaps, I normally go to the north west coast to see my mum and other family.  I lived in Hobart for over 10 years but haven’t been back there in forever.  I’m very excited.  Emailed one of my old friends tonight and she’s meeting us for dinner, plus have some other stuff planned.  Definitely won’t be going to the Cadbury factory – I’ve been there so many times and it’s kinda boring (no ompa loompas or chocolate rivers).

6 responses to “Back in Black

  1. so where’s the photo of your hair then??? Have fun in Tazzie mate. Shame about the lack of chocolate rivers :>}

  2. Oooh now you can do the bright red lippy thing with black hair! When are you going?

  3. A change of hair is always a good feeling.

    Love the sponge bob cake you made. Absolutely fantastic – you are a clever girl!!

  4. there is also a cadbury factory thingy in melbourne(or mayeb thats just a wholesale place..but it is cadbury!

  5. The black hairdo looks good Kathryn ! How was the run tonight ?

  6. Whoot – of course I am going to say I love the black! You can reallyplay with your makeup more too I reckon 🙂

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