For a while my sister has been talking about doing some kind of martial art when she recovers from her chronic fatigue.  Lately she’s been feeling better but not enough to get into full on stuff, so yesterday I suggested Tai Chi as being kinda martial arty but not as strenuous… so then had to promise to go with her.

I found a class nearby that was on tonight (we weren’t actually planning on going so soon but best to do these things before you forget).  Tai Chi is a lot more complicated than you think!  I expected the whole ‘wax on, wax off’ caper — but then that’s karate, isn’t it?

The good bit is that after a while you get to use sticks!

4 responses to “Mondayness…

  1. Hey, that’s good news she’s feeling better!
    You and sticks? Hmmmmmm….
    have a good week

  2. I helped with a kids class of tai chi… the kids got it.. i never did! It is harder then it looks!!

  3. I’ve thought about trying Tai Chi ever since I read Chi running.

  4. You always impress me with how willing you are to try new things. Tai Chi sounds really interesting. I’m actually going to try Qi Gong and see what that’s like too 🙂

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