Sugar Hangover

Yesterday, after making Andy’s birthday cake (below), I had so many surplus lollies.  Stupidly I went to the supermarket not the milk bar so had to buy everything in big packets then kinda kept picking all day… arrrrgghh!

I woke up this morning with a sugar hangover.  Lethargic and blerk, a coated tongue and a tonne of sugar racing through my veins.  I really needed to burn some of that off so I decided a bike ride to Princes Park then a couple of laps running should do the trick.

I timed my bike ride; how bad is this – I timed my ride and it took me as long on the bike as it would to run!

As I rode along the path, I was thinking about how I used to always fall over when I ran but now I just worry about falling off my bike.  Never think that kind of stuff.  EVER!

Got to Princes Park, chained up the bike and took off.  About 1.5 km into my run, flying along feeling good with no calf pain, I tripped over a rock on the path.  Bam… down like a ton of bricks.  I sat by the side of the track for a while to recover my breath (and get all the gravel off me).  My main concern, when I first fell, was that I’d have to limp home with my bike!  You know how little kids fall over and they’re okay until they see blood, well I did exactly that – was okay until I realised I’d skun all my arm.  I didn’t cry on the outside though.

Then this man walked passed and asked if I was okay but he did it with a smirk and it was all token-like.  Damn man, I’d have kicked him if I could’ve got up.  If you’re not going to help or be sympathetic, then don’t do a token ask… and definitely don’t smirk!

Eventually I did get up and walked slowly to the toilets to clean myself up.  Since I’d not broken anything or done major damage, figured I might as well finish my run.  I’m a trooper like that.

When I got home, I showered and took my baby’s birthday cake over to him.  I kept joking about how his face would be filled with child-like wonder (Andy is notriously laid-back and deadpan).

We got to his place and made him close his eyes while I unveiled the cake.  He saw it and cracked up… he did indeed have child-like wonder.  He took photos and wouldn’t even cut into it for about an hour or so.  That’s pretty amazing given his track record with cake.

I don’t think he was too sure about his other gifts – a Linx deodorant gift pack with girlie calendar plus Carlton backpack and flag (from the Zoo run goodie bag… Andy is so not a Carlton supporter).  He’s already had his main gift, tickets to Iron Maiden, and I was going to give him some $$$ in a card but he’d only spend it on shit so I figure I’ll save that until we go shopping for his new bed.

Was going to make a flying visit but ended up spending the afternoon watching the footy.

I’ve had a weekend of bad eating and it’s going to stop now.  No more cake and definitely no more sugar!


4 responses to “Sugar Hangover

  1. Oh no! Those ‘splat!’ falls are the worst 😦
    That is so nice about the cake 🙂
    Is a sugar hangover better or worse than a real hangover(like I have)? Cos I’m stupid.

  2. Oh no, hope the skun arm is okay. I knew the cake would be a hit!

    Are you doing the Super Sunset Princes Park on Wednesday?

  3. goodon you forcontinuing the run…grazes always hurt

  4. You’re such a tops mum but sugar hangovers suck big time.

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