No Sydney SquarePants

I didn’t end up going to Sydney today – big stuff ups with the flight. They are going to ring me on Monday about it so I’m going to see what I can get out it since they have pretty well screwed me around about the whole thing.

Since I had the arvo at home – and oh yeah, they didn’t bother confirming the non-flight until it was too late to do the training run this morning (sure I could have went out on my own but I ended up doing an interval session on the bike plus some weights) – I decided to do something constructive. Was going to make Andy’s bday cake tomorrow but did it today instead. Good thing cos it took nearly all arvo…


I have to admit, I’m rather impressed with how it turned out.


11 responses to “No Sydney SquarePants

  1. Awesome cake. You are one talented lady.

  2. That is just so cute – almost too good to cut into and eat!

  3. Damn! I forgot to send you the coconut cake recipe! HUGE SORRY!
    Fabulous cake though!

  4. Wow, that’s a fantastic cake Kathryn.

    You have a wonderful talent.

    Bummer about your calves. Mine are always tight, but I’ve got a great stretch for them that helps heaps. I always try and rub tiger balm into them as well before I run. Makes a heap of difference.

  5. I should warn you that Andy might like your cake too much and you won’t be allowed to cut ir or eat any of it- that is what happened when Harry had a boat cake for his 3rd birthday. Just get ready for the tantrum if you cut the cake.

  6. omg that’s such a cute cake 🙂

  7. That sucks being stuffed around because it’s been gorgeous in Sydney this weekend! And that cake *drool* – you are the master! I should be studying but I think I need to duck out now for a sweety *evil laugh*.

  8. yep that cake rocks.. now you know im a bit of a cookie monster fan…

  9. OH NOOOOOO… not Spongebob!!!!!! I cant get away from him! Well done by the way, he does look good!

  10. That is one cool cake!!

  11. Fantastic cake!! I always wished my mum could make cakes like that!
    Well done on your recent weight loss too.

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