Weigh In – 83.8 kgs

I’m not sure if this week’s weigh in is right.  I drank lots (and lots and lots) on Wednesday night and then had a big loss show up on the scales.  I’ve been around this block enough times to be sceptical that’s alcohol-induced dehydration and to wait for an even bigger bounce in the other direction but it’s Saturday now, it can’t still be that can it?

We are having wars with our housemate at the moment.  Seems he’s not impressed at us coming home at 4.30 with friends and playing singstar.  Oops.  I’d feel more contrite but seriously, we’ve shared with him for over 2 years and never done anything like that before plus he feels no shame about using power tools right outside our bedrooms at 6.00 am.

I went to the physio on Thursday.  She thinks my calf problems are actually being caused by a lack of flexibility in my back which causes my legs to absorb more of the impact when I’m running than they should.  Lots of stretches to do plus I have to do a good 10-15 mins walking warmup then stretches before running.  I did that yesterday (actually walked from work to Princes Park) but the legs are still sore.

It was a horrible walk too – I’d not really intended running but Simon called during the arvo and I had my gear in my bag with me so I said I’d meet him.  Now I’d packed my gear on Wednesday then hadn’t been able to run due to my hellish headache.  I’d forgotten that I’d been wearing tights under my workclothes so packed my short shorts, intending to wear them over my tights.

Yesterday I had no tights, just short shorts.  I got changed at work then had to walk  through the city in my shorts feeling FAT.  I had total fat paranoia.  Every time someone laughed, I thought they were laughing at fat me in my shorts.  I kept pulling the shorts down hoping they’d grow but shorts don’t grow.  At least it had me walking at a very brisk pace!

We did a very easy 6 km run at Princes Park, still got sore legs today though.  Damn my legs.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be going to Sydney today but they keep changing/screwing up my booking.  I rang last night to double check it and they had no record of me on the flight.  I don’t know what to do.  I’ve been trying to contact the company I’m flying for but not sure if they work weekends, plus my flight’s at 10.15 so even if they start at 9.00 and sort it out, that doesn’t leave me enough time to get to the airport really.  This whole thing has been a disaster.  I dunno what to do but I’m not driving to the airport (and paying for parking) unless I’ve confirmed that I’m on a flight.

5 responses to “Weigh In – 83.8 kgs

  1. Take the loss and run!
    Good news about your calves, you can fix that.
    I’d have just blown off th run, you are braver than me

  2. PS Hope you get on a flight!

  3. I didn’t know about alcohol induced dehydration. I should have been weighing myself more often!!

    I so relate to that fat paranoia. I have had a few people toot lately going past me when I’m going to hockey or on my bike and I’m sure it’s me they are laughing at .. when it might be a hello to someone else altogether.

    Hope the flight was sorted out.

  4. I wouldn’t over analyse it … a loss is a loss !

    And, if any of those people were laughing at you (which I doubt) then they are the sort of people who totally do not matter !

  5. Now I know where I’m going wrong with my stupid diet. I should have been having weekend piss ups. Maybe that way I could lose something. At this point anything would do.

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