I came home from today with a bad headache.  I think the weirdarsed weather had something to do with it – all that mugginess.  I’m feeling a bit better and now tossing up whether to go for a run today.  I had planned on running but I also think having a rest day could be a good thing.  It’s so hard to know sometimes.  Maybe I’ll have a nap and see how I feel later.


4 responses to “Sickish

  1. Maybe need more water- I haven’t been drinking nearly enough- and you are certainly doing so much active running around stuff.

  2. Uh-huh, not enough water will cause headaches. Also not eating enough – you better have a cake, just to be on the safe side.


  3. We all need the odd rest day … we probably don’t give our bodies the time they need to recover.

  4. i had the same choice today..nap or run….. ummmmm my coach wasnt overly happy with my choice…. lol

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