Big day of blah

So I did lots of exercise today but it all seemed a bit blah.

This morning I set off for my run.  Thought I’d be extra cautious so did about 1 km at very slow warm up pace then lots of stretching, then kept going.  Still got the sore calves.  Nothing seems to be helping – not stretching or massage or anything.  I’ve been doing some reading on the net and am worried it might be vascular.  Diabetes is one of the main risk groups for that (and certain other habits don’t help either).

After work, I went to boxing class.  It’s actually boxercise.  It was shite.  If that’s any indication of the classes, I’m definitely not joining that gym.  Apparently when you pair up with someone you’re not supposed to move the pads.  I was actually told that by my partner.  WTF???  Yeah you’re supposed to stand around holding them still like a dead shit.  Then I noticed that’s what everyone else did.  I think there was about 2 minutes at the end of the class where we actually got to hit out where I got any kind of workout.

Then I went to go-go dancing.  Lots of fun but there were a bunch of drunken bogans having a wake at the pub and they kept deciding to join in!  Arrrgghh.

The good news is that I got my replacement ipod today.  I have to go to Andy’s to initialise it cos I can’t do that on my computer due to running olden days Windows and therefore olden days iTunes.  He’s coming over after work then I have to drive him home.  I think I’ll be dead when my head hits the pillow.

Oh yeah, and after much confusion, I’m going to Sydney this weekend not next month.  Just for the day.  Should be fun.


3 responses to “Big day of blah

  1. I hate blah days. I have them way too often 😦

  2. Now, are you sure you’re going to Sydney this weekend? (Sorry, can’t help messing with your mind.)

    I prefer my boxercise one on one with my PT. Much more fun and all about me!

  3. Funny you should mention the muscle soreness thing. I used to get the worst tightness in my calves. I even tore a calf muscle playing squash. Since I’ve had the large saphenous vein taken out from both legs I haven’t had that problem. It hadn’t even occured to me that there was a connection.
    Have a look at magnesium supplements. It might help.

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