Hot Monday

It’s too hot to even think…

This morning I got up bright and early to get to the gym before work.  Can’t waste my week’s free membership after all.  It’s such a weird concept having a gym at work, screwed up my whole sense of timing because I don’t have to take into account travelling time post-workout (still managed to be 15 mins late for work, but what can you do?).

Since I leave my work shoes in my drawer at work, I thought that’d be one less thing to carry.  Ha, I didn’t consider getting from the gym to work.  I looked at my smelly runners and thought about running across the walkway barefoot then put them back on.

It was far too hot to run tonight so I’m going in the morning.  I actually thought about running to work since it’s kinda stupid to go for a 5 km run then come home and shower etc then get on the train to go 5 km to work!  Then I realised I wanted to do a boxing class plus go-go tomorrow night (yes, I am crazy).  That’s far too much stuff to carry in the backpack when running.  Actually I don’t know how I’m going to manage it, outfitwise.

Oh yeah, I’m off to Sydney next month.  I thought it was next weekend but I got confused.  I’m getting a free flight 😀


4 responses to “Hot Monday

  1. So when will you be in Sydney?

  2. Did you run this morning? it was nice, wasn’t it?
    You lucky duck going to Sydney!

  3. Far out I can hardly keep up with all that you do in my mind! You rock mate.

  4. Great getting a free flight – how’d you manage that?

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