Had a nice easy “run” with Kathy this morning – I think we both happy not to push things too hard and I got to check out her creek running circuit 😀

Does anyone else use mapmyrun?  And, if so, have you noticed that the calorie counter on it is as dodgy as hell…  Yesterday I didn’t have an exact time for my run so I put in 1 hr and it calculated around 200 calories burnt.  I thought that was mighty low so changed it to 59 minutes and got over 500 calories!

Then today I added in my walk from the other day – it said I burnt more calories if I put in my walk one way (5 kms * 45 mins) than if I put in my whole day’s walking (10 kms * 90 mins).

Also their reporting capacity bugs me.  I want to generate a report where I select a route and it gives me my times for that route over time but it can’t do it.  It bugs me.  Sometimes I look at my crappy Excel running log and think I could make it into the most awesome running log ever — then I realise I do that shit all day at work and I really can’t be bothered.

Next week I’ve got a free pass at the gym in my work building.  That’s going to be real handy.  I’m a bit worried that I’m going to love this gym – it looked great when I had the tour on Friday, but I figure even if I’m working in a different part of town next month, it’s on my way home so not too much of a hassle.  The best bit is that even though they don’t have many classes, they are all classes I want to do – boxing circuit, yoga, pilates etc – at times I want to do them.  It’s mighty tempting.

The whole reason I want to join a city gym is that I’m getting slack about going to the one near home.  Once I get home, I really don’t feel like going to the gym.  It’s much easier to go before or after work.

7 responses to “Sunday

  1. I’m the same when it comes to getting back out to do exercise once you’ve got home from work.

    I have to actually drive past my gym on the way home, so if I have the opportunity I’ll go directly after work. If I have to go home first, I normally just can’t be bothered going back out again later, unless I’m meeting somebody 🙄

  2. I (did) use for the spreadsheet- it is all set up! I love it (well I loved it when the weight graphs were all going downhill).

  3. I can’t do the after work thing again – once I’m home, I’m home
    LOL at your last post – you are SO right about cyclists!
    Good tip about that book – I was going to buy it but will think twice now

  4. I have to get up and go first thing or else I find a million reasons why I can’t go later on in the day. Once I get home, I am going nowhere — especially during the freezing dark New England winters… Whatever is convenient is what you need to do.

  5. Wow I hpe the new gym works out mate….. sounds really good …. have a neat day.

  6. ..on the way home is good..although i usually need a nap before i go exercise…lol.. its exhausting work yelling at kids all day….lol

  7. I’m a member of a city gym and I don’t even work in the city – stupid huh!

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