I went to the R4tK training session this morning, was going to do the 12 km run but my calves got really sore so I cut back early, think I ended up doing 8 kms.  That was disappointing but I figure I’m better off getting my calves working right than getting in longer kms at the moment.

After the run, I walked up Russell St with Simon then called it at Borders before walking home.  I wanted to pick up a book I’d seen on bike paths around Melbourne, figuring it’d be handy for running as well.  Now I’ve got it and read parts, I’ve decided it’s really annoying – the maps are badly set out and the writer keeps calling bike riding the “new golf” – what the hell does that even mean?  Plus half the book is on coffee shops!

Bike riders are a funny bunch, aren’t they… I divide them into two groups: people who ride bikes for fun, transport or whatever then the cyclists.  Cyclists have fancy gadgets on their flashy bikes and wear weird clothes.  Maybe they think runners wear weird clothes, but if I could run in a cute outfit, I would while they choose to wear those outfits.

It seems like there are always debates – cyclists hate cars and drivers hate people on bikes.  I reckon there are just tools in every crowd.  I got abused for crossing the road in front of a cyclist the other night when I was walking home – fair enough except I was crossing at a pedestrian crossing with the green walk man!  I think that beats a cyclist running a red light.

Anyway, I got to Borders and just did not want to walk home.  I felt totally buggered and I don’t think the heat helped.  But I figured the alternative was walking to Smith St and waiting around forever for a tram so kept walking.  I’ve felt stuffed all day since, so hopefully I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight before I met Kathy for a run tomorrow.


5 responses to “Saturday

  1. yep pretty hot out there today.. enjoy the run with kathy

  2. Cyclists are hilarious. I read a cycling forum and I’m constantly amused. There are ‘roadies’ and ‘MTB-ers’. Why mountain bike riders need the T in their acronym I don’t know. Maybe their brains are so rattled they need help with the second syllable. Roadies seem much more interested in bike bling, lycra and cafe latte. MTB-ers are busy building trails and posting photos of themselves covered in blood or mud. They all seem to like stats though – so maybe we runners have something in common with them after all.

  3. Motorists use the bad behaviour of cyclists to justify trying to run them off the road- it is crap because most cyclists are also motorists. I don’t know if I can call myself a cyclist as I don’t own enough garish lycra!

  4. The cyclist/motorist thing drives me nuts. I’m both, so’s my husband and we both agree with you that there are people who are just tools, no matter what mode of transport they use. Obeying the law and displaying a bit of courtesy goes a long way in any situation.

    As for the lycra, it’s practical. Come for a nice 40km round trip with me to Whittlesea and back one Sunday and you’ll discover that ‘ordinary’ clothes just don’t cut it. 🙂

    Hope it’s not smokey around your way. I’m staying indoors!

  5. Wrong, there are THREE kinds of bike riders. Cos some buy themselves a bike for Christmas, use it once and then leave it out the back for the spiders to live in!! bwoo harhar

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