You can ring my bell…

After yesterday, I thought today would be low key and lacking in embarassment.  Ha.  Got on the tram with my morning coffee and sat down then noticed something on my wrist.  It was a freaken great cockroach about to crawl up the sleeve of my coat.  I jumped up, cussing and flicking my hand around to get it off me.  Of course it was the hand I had my coffee in – coffee went flying all over the tram!  Oops.


On the way home from work, I called into the bike shop on Brunswick St to look for a basket.   I really need a bell for my bike so I got a big pink one with love hearts on it.  Yah!  It’s my Valentine’s Day pressie to myself.  Then I went for a ride on my bike but I haven’t put the bell on it yet – didn’t have time for all the mechanics.  It’s awesome.


They had baskets like I wanted but for $70!  Yikes, and they just buckle onto your handlebars so I’d be terrified it’d get stolen.  But they also had a leopard fake fur bike seat – how tempting is that!

Then I had to race back to Fitzroy for my massage (well race, wait forever for a tram then race again).  She confirmed that my calves are indeed as tight as… (I actually started that sentence in the sausage line post-run last night and got silence by the death stare of the man in front of me — dunno what he thought I was gonna say!)  I have to stretch them even more and do a good warm-up pre-running plus a stretch.  I’ve also been banned from wearing thongs and have to rub them with a tennis ball post-run.  Damn calves.


3 responses to “You can ring my bell…

  1. Awww, what a CUTE bell!

  2. Hell, if that cocky was crawling up my arm I’d have run screaming off the tram, I HATE bugs.

    Ding ding, that bell rocks

  3. I love that bell and I want one too! I need a bell for my bike because I just have to keep saying “excuse me” all the time. Nice work on your weight loss too.

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