Wacky Day

Today ended up being one of those days.

Firstly, I got to work and some female politican was giving a speech about Sorry Day in the foyer and it was packed out with people.  I walked through the revolving door then couldn’t move for people.  As the door spun around, it wacked me in the back and sent me flying through the crowd.  And maybe I swore really loudly.

So then I tried to blend into the crowd but you try blending into a crowd of public servants when you’re wearing your new pink leopard print fake fur jacket!  Oh yeah.

To make it worser still, I thought people who hadn’t seen me get whacked by the door might think I dropped the f-bomb on account of being anti-sorry day when I’m fully in support of sorry day and totally think it long overdue.

So then I got back into the saga of my timesheet for last week.  Arrrgghh, just because the new company is mega organised got everything sorted my agency think they can be incompetent pricks.

Last Friday I filled out my timesheet and submitted it online all proper-like.  You’d think that’d be the end of the story.  So Monday I went online to check it’d been approved which I don’t normally do.  Lucky I did though cos it’d disappeared!

Then they put my timesheet back online for the wrong company, wrong hours worked and wrong pay rate.

After getting that sorted finally today, I found out I’m getting paid two days late.  I told them that wasn’t good enough.   Oh my god.  They told me it’s my fault for not having my timesheet in on time – the onus is on me.  WTF.  I got my timesheet in on time.  They screwed up. They screwed up over and over again.  How can I protect myself against that?

Oh and she also told me that when the timesheet went dodgy on Monday, I should have submitted it manually.  Because I’m going to take time off from my new job and go back to my old job and get a freaken timesheet signed.

Anyway after much yelling – you know that quiet yelling you do when you’re really mad but don’t want the rest of the office to hear – I accepted that my pay will be late.  Oh yeah, and to make it even worse, my bank account is overdrawn cos I paid for PHAT camp via paypal and thought it’d go out of my Visa account but it went out of my bank account instead.

Then I asked the pay girl from the agency if she could ensure the timesheet problem won’t happen again and she said she CAN’T.  Their system has glitches in it when you go from one job to another without a break.  Think about that for a minute – they are a contracting agency!

She kept telling me the problem was with the computer (I was so tempted to say ‘it’s in the computer’ in my best Zoolander voice).  That’s so stupid.  The problem is NEVER with the computer, it’s with the morons who put the information into the computer.  I work in IT, I know the evil people do with technology.

Arrrggghhh and double arrrgghh.  Finally got home and started getting ready for the run at the Zoo tonight.  I had one leg in my skins when the phone rang.  It was the people from my old, old job from last year.  They had an issue with one of their reports and wanted me to solve it.  Stat.  Real easy since it’s an Excel application and I don’t have Office loaded on computer at home.

I thought of going to a friend’s house to use their PC or other solutions but, post-run, I thought fuck it.  I’m not getting paid to solve their problem and really I don’t think they should be ringing me at 6.00 at night putting the onus on me to fix things.  I’m not their skanky, unpaid, Excel report fixing bitch.

Okay, I turned up to the zoo fun feeling a little bit stressed.  Run into Andrew and Lee which was awesome but lost Simon.  We walked down the start line and Michelle came over to say hi – yah, so good to see her – then I wandered off to find Simon but couldn’t see him.

The run started and I thought the back of the packers around me were very casual about getting over the start line.  Then a girl beside me mentioned something about the 4 km run.  Oh yeah, they were in a different start to me.

I hurried down to the start line and saw the back of the 8 km mob in the distance so took off after them.  I’d missed the start of the freaken run!

Every time I passed a volunteer, they have me that encouraging cheer and clap.  I really felt like telling them I wasn’t really that slow, I just started late!  But the good bit – every time I overtook another runner, I knew I’d started after them 🙂

Okay, last year I had a goal to finish a 8 km run in under 50 minutes and never did it.  I  knew I could do it – I’ve done longer races at that pace but I just can’t seem to get it together for the 8 km (and all the fun runs seem to be 8 km).

Tonight I didn’t even attempt to break my PB – it’s hard running around the zoo, lots of runners on narrow, windy paths and you know stuff like animals to look at.  I’ve had problems with my calves ceasing up when I run and tonight they got really tight around the 2 km mark.

I had a few walk breaks and really struggled to run fast.  Then I got to the 6 km mark and my feet had gone numb plus my lower legs had gone to sleep.  That worried me a bit but I figured since I couldn’t feel anything, I might as well run as fast as I could.

I got to the 7 km mark at 44 mins by my watch and realised I could possibly do the run in under 50 mins but felt totally stuffed.  By the time I got to the zoo gates, Simon was waiting for me but I had > a minute to get to the finish line for a PB.  I took off as fast as my weary legs would go and my unofficial finish time was 49.48 mins!  Go me!

I’m so pleased with that time – I thought I’d gone really crap and that my running times had really slowed down but I got a PB so I’m a star 😀

Afterwards I caught up with Andrew again, who’d done some amazingly speedy time (and gave me his City Baths voucher – woohoo) then joined the long line for sausages and goodie bag.  They gave us a freaken Carlton FC backpack!  How crap are they, that they have to give merchandise away?  Oh well, could have been worse, could have been Collingwood!

Tomorrow had better be a quiet and uneventful day cos I’ve had enough making a dick of myself for a while, I reckon.


6 responses to “Wacky Day

  1. LOL at the pink fur / fbomb incident – I would have loved to have seen that.

    Well done on the run tonight – a PB on that course is an awesome effort considering all the twists and turns and pedestrians! Excellent!

  2. Totally awesome time Kathryn, well done!!

    It was really great to chat before race tonight 🙂

    My 10year old loved the Catlton bag and flag 😆 I on the other hand was not impressed with showbag goody at all.

  3. Oh no! I nearly snorted tea out of my nose at the leapard-fur incident. Stupid contracting company grrr. EXCELLENT on the pb, well done!!!

  4. Goodie bag?? Last year they didn’t have anything like that. Jealous. Especially of the great time too.

  5. Oh I so wish I could have been there to see your grand entrance into the foyer. It would have been amazing 😀

    And thanks for the comments on Alana’s hair. She will NOT be looking at those comments as I’ll never hear the end of it. She’s already hassling me for blonde highlights, but pink – OMG!!

  6. The best runs come when you are least expecting them, way to go 🙂

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