PHAT camp for those who asked, is a weekend of torture… I mean fun. The description, from their email, goes like this:

Phat camp is 2 full days and Friday evening. You will be training 5 body parts, learning new and exciting exercises, trying new ideas of cardio, sitting through nutritional and motivational seminars.

Hopefully, I’ll be all fired up with fitness afterwards 😀 Kek has pics from last year 😀
I was fired up today – but not with fitness, more like insane shopping fired up. At lunch time I popped into Big W and ended up with a grey work skirt, purple jumper and black and white geometric print shift dress. All sane and necessary things. Then, on the way home from work, I went to Faster Pussycat and got a pink leopard fake fur coat.  Oh yeah!  I’ve looked at it a few times but it’s been far too hot to try it on… not today though.

Time for bed now.  Tomorrow is the zoo run – yippee!  Not sure if I’ll do the 4 km or 8 km cos my legs have been very tight and sore lately.


5 responses to “Tuesday

  1. Aww Kathryn, You’ve gotta give us a photo of that fake fur coat.

  2. There is NOTHING like retail thereapy… works for me! Glad you got a few neat things! Love the sound of the fake fur jacket!

  3. Good luck with the zoo run tonight Kathryn. Hope it all goes well for you.

    And when do we get photos of the coat? Sounds fantastic!

  4. Hey, we so walk around the same streets. If I ever walk past you I’ll say “the eagle has landed” and keep walking until i reach the nearest bar and order 2 tequila shots 🙂

  5. I always fantasise about a “Phat” camp – can’t wait to hear how you go! Gotta love Faster Pussycat – photo please 🙂 x

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