• Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping Alison celebrate her birthday (and proving that I didn’t live inside the computer).  Lots of fun and laughs plus we got to see the room where she does all her serious thinky stuff.
  • On what may be an insane impulse today, I signed for PHAT Camp.  Must have been all Kek’s talk of cockroach encrusted gyms that swayed me.
  • I’d planned to go to the R4tK training run tonight then Simon told me he’d lied about going and he had no intention of turning up! Yeah, real happy about that.  Then I also remembered I hadn’t wanted to running on a Monday night in the first place since I always run Tuesday mornings before work.  So I come home and maybe I’ll go to the gym or maybe just for coffee.
  • Started the new job today – went to the reception and they had a security pass waiting for me!  If you’ve not dropped on the floor by that news then you’ve never done casual work!

8 responses to “Monday

  1. What is PHAT camp? Is that like a Boot Camp?

  2. It was a pleasure for me too 🙂
    I’ve sent you some photos , hope you like them!

  3. Woo hoo for a security pass!!!! You must feel like one of the family already … already!!! lol

  4. Wow, that must be some organised place that you’re working at!!

    Good for you signing up for PHAT camp. I wish that the gym I’m going to was doing bootcamp again. I really enjoyed it!

  5. no way! did they have a logon for you too? hehehe 🙂

  6. Wow Kathryn. Sounds like this place wants you to be productive from the word ‘go’. Congratulations on the longer term job too – you’ll enjoy the four days a week.

  7. AWESOME!!!! You’re going to love Phat Camp!

    The cockroaches are only a little exaggerated….more beetles and moths, really. Actually, since they did a reno (you’ll look around and think “where?”), there are less bugs.

    See ya there! 🙂

    Oh…the security pass thing – incredible! At MY office, even permanent staff are lucky to get one within 2 weeks of starting. Or a user Id, a workstation or access to any systems they need to do their job, for that matter….

  8. hope the new job can now live up to these great expectations you have 🙂

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