Weigh In 85.8 kgs

Almost a kg down this week – well .9 is close enough.  I thought I’d actually weigh heavier today cos we ordered in Japanese last night and my Teriyaki Chicken was v salty (and yuck – if I wanted a bunch of frozen vegies in a bland sauce, I’d have had a Lean Cuisine) plus miso soup.

I feel much better today after a good night’s sleep.  I’ve been noticing a pattern lately – I eat well and do heaps of exercise early in the week but by about Thursday I start slipping.  I think more nurturing time needs to be built into the schedule.

Oh yeah, and something shiny – I’m moving to a new contract for 3-4 weeks next week then back to this job long term but it’s only going to be 4 days a week.  That is going to be awesome.

What the hell is going on with the weather in Melbs?  It’s supposed to be summer and it’s 19 degrees today?  I slept in my thick trackies and spencer last night and made a hot water bottle – and was still cold.


10 responses to “Weigh In 85.8 kgs

  1. Oh to work a 4 day week – you lucky thing!

    This weather is driving me nuts. But then it is Melbourne!!

    Congrats on the weight loss.

    BTW we are staying in Apollo Bay so when you finish GOR you can come back to our place and shower etc if you like!

  2. Excellent news on the job situation.
    What’s happening with your book? You haven’t mentioned if for awhile.

  3. Hey well done! Good news on the job 🙂
    I HAVE to get Shauna’s book

  4. OMG! You call 19 cold??? Over here that is just nice!

  5. Great news about the job and yeah, a 4 day week – perfect. Make enough money to survive and enjoy a 3 day weekend, every weekend. Bitch LOL 😛

  6. Well done on the weight loss!

    If you think it’s cold up there, keep your eye on the temperature down the coast where we are – it has been 8-9 degrees cooler than Melbourne most days.

  7. LOL – it wasn’t THAT cold last night! Although come to think of it, my youngest did try to con me into getting him a hot water bottle….

    4 days a week -awesome!

  8. I love Japanese and I understand the disappointment of not so perfect Japanese too- it is just like the little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead (when it is good, it is FANTASTIC and when it is bad it is horrid!)

  9. You are my own personal trinny and susannah, thanks for the inspiration, you are my go to girl next time I am having a wardrobe crisis 😉

  10. im with you,,as soon as i get asked for a talk…i always assume im in trouble….lol

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