Started a new contract today so had all the usual faffing around getting a pc and a logon and an access card.  Nobody EVER thinks to organise these things before you turn up.

Tonight I went to the gym for some lifting of heavy stuff.  Normally I don’t push myself too hard with leg exercises (because then I’d be all buggered for running) but tonight I wanted to see how heavy I could go on the leg press, just for my own amusement.  I tried 80 kgs and that was fine, so did a set at 90 kgs.  Still fine so went up to 100 kgs.  Even that wasn’t a major effort.  Either I’m going to be as sore as hell tomorrow or else I’m going to have to try harder next time.

Before I went, I made a protein smoothie – milk, banana, vanilla yoghurt with honey, protein powder, nutmeg and vanilla essence.  It was awesomely good but I felt too full to go to the gym after drinking it.  Next time I’ll save it for post-workout.


4 responses to “Monday

  1. I make a similar smoothie and they are so great after workout! I mix mine with LSA instead of protein powder. I couldn’t get into the powder. I’ve got $100 worth of stuff I’m not going to use. Do you want it? I can courier it down to you. Email me…

  2. OOOO last time I did leg presses I could do 120 kgs…. I miss that. Once we get to Auckland maybe I will rejoin a gym and get back into it eh? Well done you for upping the weights …. I too could not have done the gym after eating or drinking a smoothie… ikkkk.

  3. I bought some protein powder from the US…..chocolate of course!! Best investment. Cost me $25 US for a huge container of the stuff. Saw the same stuff for about $70 here 😯

    Wow, your legs must be pretty strong. I have to admit that I never actually look at the weight, just go by feel really.

  4. Thems some strong legs you’ve got their lady!

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