Weigh In, Weigh Out

Well 86.3 kgs this morning.  That’s a net loss of 0.7 kgs.  Yikes, that’s not very good.

It gets worse – I decided today I’ll go to try and eat mostly unprocessed foods this month.  About 10 mins later my boss got back from a meeting with a bundle of goodies for me – not just goodies but miniature goodies.  I’m a sucker for anything miniature.  A wee little muffin and a wee little danish and a couple of teensy biscuits.  I could have not eaten them but I did.

Today was my last day at that job.  We went out for drinks after work.  Woohoo, I never go out for work drinks being a contractor and not invited along to that kind of stuff.  I just had a glass of bubbly then headed home but it was good to get asked.

After that I had a smart thinking thing, cos sometimes my brain is good for more than just stopping my head from caving in.  I walked home via Gertrude St and Smith St to see if I could find the shoemaker.  I didn’t find them but it was a good idea.

I had another smart idea too.  Last weekend I was getting a coffee at the bakery in the local shopping centre and they had a book of their cakes.  I thought it’d be funny to get Andy a Sponge Bob Squarepants cake for his 21st (he loves Sponge Bob) but there are $40-50.  And that’s just a cake with a plaque thing on it.  So then I thought of just buying a plaque.

But then – genius!  I’m going to make him a Sponge Bob cake.  Oh yeah.  I used to make really amazing cakes.  I made a fairy castle for my sister with towers cooked in tin cakes then topped with paper lace doilies and marshmellow decorations.  I made an Ernie from Sesame St cake and a Garfield cake.  I’m sure Sponge Bob will be relatively easy.  After all he’s mainly square and yellow.  Don’t worry, there will be photos aplenty of the efforts, be they good or bad.

Oh yeah and I have a bit of a dilemma at the moment:

I hired an exercise bike over 3 months ago and I meant to send it back when the 3 months were up but forgot.  Then I decided since I’d be billed for the next month, I might as well keep it until the month is up.  Last night I checked my credit card account and they’d taken out another 3 months rent.

So today I called them.  I figured they’d say it was in the small print so stiff but the guy was really nice.  He said I could sent it back any time and they’d pro-rata refund me.

So far, so good.  But then he said they were having a sale on exercise equipment and for an extra $180 on top of the rent already paid I could keep it forever.

I told him I’d get back to him on Monday.  Since this is the 21st century, I thought I’d do what people do in these modern times and open it up for blog discussion 😀


  1. Gettting a fairly decent exercise bike for an extra $180.
  2. The local gym is crapola for cardio equipment and I really like to have non-running cardio options.  They only have treadies, cross trainer and really crappy bikes (like the pedals don’t even turn properly or else recumbant (sp?) bikes).  This bike is much better than the ones they have that are like garage sale rejects
  3. I’m used to this one.
  4. I wouldn’t have to organise/pay a courier  to take it back ($50) or try to get the thing to my car then in the car and drive across town.
  5. I like exercising at home.  I can do it in my pjs.


  1. Exercise bike = boring (although doing intervals makes it less so also if I had less crappy speakers could watch dvds on the laptop at the same time).
  2. I’m trying to reduce my exercise spending.
  3. Only have my bedroom to store it.  I could put it in the lounge room but then crappy housemates would try to talk to me while exercising.
  4. It’s kinda ugly – but if it was mine I could make it prettier with glitter etc.

Originally I was thinking it would work out to be  about $730 then realised that I couldn’t add the first 4 months rent into that because that’s paid so it’d work out to a difference of $360 if I kept it compared to sending it back now (ie. 6 months rent + $180 less 4 months rent).  Oh yeah and then take off $50 for courier fees so that’s $310 for the bike.


11 responses to “Weigh In, Weigh Out

  1. i WOULD BUY THE BIKE, you have had it for 4 months already so it can’t be that ugly…..! As long as you will use it….. !

  2. I cannot be trusted to make comments about budget restrictions right now- I am in the midst of a spending frenzy. And if you don’t use it then you can sell it on ebay or trading post etc.

  3. Ok, I know it’s nearly two weeks since I caught up with your blog .. but how much info you’ve packed in!!!

    Buy the bike. Bling the bike.

    Glad you had such an awesome BDO. LOL at the shoe story. And it sounds like your running is going really well.

    I’m in Melb next on 16/17 Feb if you’re interested in a run. Not that I’ve been doing much running. You can run and I’ll huff and puff and whine.

  4. I agree with the others – buy the bike!

    I used to love doing cake decorating at school, even though I was never that good at it. Cant wait to see the photos!

  5. Buy, buy, buy. It will be great in Winter.

  6. If you want it and you like it – buy it.

  7. If you think you will get the benefit from it (exercise wise) I’d say buy it too!

  8. I think it makes sense to buy it but then when I bought one, I hated it. Absolutely hated it because it was so boring. Do you really think you’d use it? I sold mine to M and then sold it as well LOL.

  9. id definitely buy it… but im a well known shopa-holic… im also pretty lazy and it seems like way less effort!!!

  10. .7kg is a tub and a half of margarine, don’t knock it.
    I love my exercise bike – I read trashy novels and watch the pretty display on windows media. And there are no excuses on rainy days.
    (now please please please let this comment submit!)

  11. If you have had it for 4 months and you are still using it then it has become a good habit for you. If it is only going to cost another $180 I’d say it’s a keeper. Although IF you can you may be able to swap it for a prettier model for the same price. (Although pretty doesn’t neccessarily mean good as you sai dyou are used to this one and the smallest adjustment can be hard to mold to)

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