More Anger

After my rant last week about the people who walk slow and in my way, I have another one today.  Those damn mofos who catch the lift up or down one floor.  WTF?  I’m going to ask tomorrow if we have internal stairs in our building that we can use (I only ever go from ground to 11 and back so have never had to use them) and, if we do, I will truly punch anyone who gets in the lift for one floor.  It’s my last day on the job so I can get away with it.

Not only are they lazy shits but they are coming between me and my coffee.  That’s dangerous.  Very dangerous.

Monthly Stats:

Kms ran: 91.5

Calories burnt: 7440

I will update my weight tomorrow when I get weighed.  Or not update since it’s not really going anywhere — except my underarms.  I swear all the weight I’ve put on has gone to my armpits!

The kms and calories don’t include walking to and from work because I record my running and other training on and I don’t want my walking kms added to my running ones.  I reckon at 5 kms a time X 4-5 times a week I’ve clocked up over a 100 kms walking as well.  I’ve also done 2 go-go classes, ) 2 yoga class (should have been more) and around 10 weights workouts.

Next month I want to start getting back to boxing classes plus do more yoga to stretch out my tight muscles and more go-go.  Plus more running.  About the same weights.


7 responses to “More Anger

  1. Under your arms???? hehe

  2. I always take the stairs, so I’m safe from your wrath! Unless I have to go up more than 5 stories, lets get real …. I will walk up 4-5 flights of stairs … no more!

  3. I want to do one of those races where you run up loads of flights of stairs. I think they used to do it at the Rialto Building but don’t do it anymore.

    Would be a great lunchtime workout if you can find the stairs. And I’m sure that not many people would be using them anyway so nobody would get in your way!

  4. Our new office has these great stairwells that only open on the bottom floor- wasn’t that a nice surprise for me! Tried to walk down from 6th to the 5th and ended up walking down to the ground. Sadly I am now one of those people, but I swear I don’t like it.

  5. I agree Kathryn, nothing more annoying than a lift that stops all stations, especially for those 1 floor travellers.

  6. Very impressive stats for the month 😀

  7. yeah.. one floor…. unless you have an injury…walk it!

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