Kinda Horrible Run

I met with Simon for a run tonight.  Much drama and stuff ups were involved.  Firstly I got my phone out to check if he’d called cos he’d said he wasn’t sure if he could get away from work early enough for a run.  He had an interview scheduled for later.  I’ll be honest and say I did not want him to have that interview since it’s for a job overseas.  That will make our runs very hard to organise indeed.

Anyway, my phone battery was dead flat so I had to try to call but his number is in the phone of course.  After a few calls around the place I got his mobile number and go the run organised.    Since he couldn’t contact me, we agreed on a meeting spot for 5.30.

I started leaving work at 5.00 so I had plenty of time to walk down to the river and get changed but my boss grabbed me for an impromptu meeting on my way out.  I couldn’t really say anything since I get paid by the day and definitely have been doing less than 8 hours most days.

Finally got away and changed in a scary, urine stinky toilet.  Well except the shoes because no way was I putting my feet on that floor.  Then Simon turned up (later than me) and we got running.

My legs just weren’t interested in running today.  I think they are suffering post-BDO stress or something.  We did the same route as last week along the river but started at Fed Square instead of the other end so added an extra km or so.
Then, coming back, huge dramas.  I decided to put my ipod on to get me running better.  Slipped it into the waistband of my running skirt instead of my bra like I normally do and went bolting down one of those bouncy ramps, feeling good when wham!

My hand got caught in the cord and the ipod went flying.  There was water each side of the ramp.  I felt sure my poor little Semlly ipod (so named cos Andy registered it and he can’t spell smelly!) would end up in the big, stinky Yarra.  It arced through the air in slow-mo then bounced down on the ramp and skidded before I could catch it.

Luckily the ramp had a little raised edge… phew.  That raised edge is my best friend tonight 🙂

Run some more then stopped to do up my shoe lace.  I noticed the guy on the bench beside me looked all battered and bloody.  He’d fallen off his bike.  I asked if he was okay and he hesitated then said yes.  He had his mobile in his hand so I asked if he’d rang someone to come get him and he said he though he had but was a bit concussed.

Yikes.  I felt like I should do something but I have no first aid knowledge and am absolutely hopeless at taking control in those situations.  Meanwhile Simon had kept running down the river so I wasn’t sure what to do.  I asked him if I could do anything and he said he’d be fine so I caught up to Simon but I really felt like I should have done more.  I hope the poor guy is okay.

So then after much walking and struggling, I said I’d put a song (the oh-so-wrong Snow Patrol song) on my ipod as it goes for 6 minutes and run the whole time.  Yeah that’s how sturggling I was.  Well I tried but the back button and the menu button wouldn’t work.  I threw a bit of a tanty and called my ipod bad names and may have even stamped my feet.  I’m doomed to listening to the same playlist in perpetuity!

Finally got a song I wanted and started running.  Except the song was “Through the Fire and the Flames” by Dragonforce.  If you’ve ever heard that song, you’ll know that no way could I run that fast.  It’s awful long too.  If you’ve not heard it, imagine Iron Maiden on speed.  Really good speed.

So about 30 seconds later, I spotted Em.  Luckily I’d finished my dummy spit by then and was running along quite happily 🙂

Finally finished the run then realised I had to walk through Flinders St station in running gear.  Running in running gear is one thing, wearing it in a non-running environment is another, fully embarassing thing.  Unless you’re wearing a fun run number, then you can wear anything and not feel embarassed.  I tested this theory by walking through Sydney in thongs, sun visor, daggy pants and running tee after the City to Surf.

Ha, after all that, I still ran a slightly faster pace than last week.  That’s weird since it felt so easy last week and oh so hard (and full of stops) this week.

Anyway I’m thinking of doing Go the Tan this weekend.  Looks like fun. But now I must sleep.


5 responses to “Kinda Horrible Run

  1. Running gear at Flinder Street station? Pfft! Try BIKE SHORTS (yes, the padded kind) at the local shopping centre. No bike in sight, either. Well, time was tight and I had to squeezein my training then jump in the car and get the kids to school…no time to change!

    Your running might be a bit lacklustre at the mo’, but at least you’re DOING IT. And maybe aim to get more sleep. 🙂

  2. Oh mate I was reading the bit about the ipod-nearly-int-the-water with my eyes as big as saucers – what a lucky escape! I had a crap run yesterday too, must have been the weather

  3. I’m impressed you even continued – feeling like crap and all the ‘drama’ of dropping the ipod, the injured man, bla bla bla… good for you!

  4. Hope the ipod recovers- I have had near misses with mine, but they usually involve the toilet- that is why I have the armband now. Hope Simon doesn’t get the job- but in the nicest way possible. Maybe I will hope he is offered something better in Melbourne that pays more and then I won’t feel so nasty.

  5. Wow, what an action packed run that one was!

    Hope you get the ipod fixed.

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