Not much happening today on account of I’m buggered from yesterday.  I even skipped my Tuesday morning run *gasp* but I did work to and from work (10 kms) so I figure 10 km walking = 5 km running.

Hoping to get in a long run tomorrow.  We’re planning on doing a run the same as last week but meeting at Fed Square this time since I’ll have to meet Simon at 5.30 so don’t have time to get home from work.   Must remember to pack running gear.

Since I started this job, I’ve been leaving my work shoes at work and wearing runners to and from the office.  I used to bitch about people wearing runners with their work clothes but it’s damn handy.  Of course I still do if they’re only walking a couple of blocks to the train station.  What a wank.  Still I’d rather wear runners that look obviously like you’re wearing them than casual shoes that look like you are clueless and wrong.

Anyway, my contract ends this week so I must remember to take my shoes with me.  I’ve got work lined up for next week already, back at the same place I was before Christmas.  Life is weird.  I’ve not even been trying to get work and suddenly I’m never without it.


7 responses to “Tuesday

  1. yeah its funny that..something about the …i dont need it vibe..makes people want to give it to you..lol… like…well you convince me mr corporate man!!!!

  2. Don’t forget your running BRA!

  3. You are lucky then eh? I always admire people striding along to work in their sneakers… and suits!

  4. I used to enjoy doing temp work, although I found that I always got a cold within the first week as I had to aclimatise to the air conditioning 🙄

    Enjoy your run 🙂

  5. Especially your excellent shoes

  6. do you think that if i wear joggers to work and spray some water on my face that people will ASSUME i ran to work???

  7. Your comment on my blog, and reading about your work made me think about how much more variety you have than me – that must be nice at least!

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