Big Day Out of Awesome

Best BDO ever.  I ended up wearing my fave short dress with jeans.  Then it got hot so I took the jeans off and then it got cold so put the jeans back on.  Very versatile outfit.  I had my Volleys on my feet but a dress and Volleys is cool and cute (and you can’t tell me otherwise).

We parked the car near Tim and Simon’s in Kensington then caught the tram up to the racecourse.  We weren’t sure of the stop to get off so I said to follow the young dude with the faux-hawk (my sister had never heard that term before and was ROFLing).  He got off the tram and we went to get off and the driver told us to stay on cos it was the wrong stop  but “those young kids can have a long walk, it’ll be good for them to walk in the sun”.

We got there earlier than planned so went for a wander and caught a bit of Billy Bragg.  He is very funny with his between song banter but I always feel like I should like him more than what I do.

Then we went back to the main stage to see Grinspoon, but went to the other stage cos my sister wanted a top spot for Arcade Fire.  We got one row back from the D barrier so not bad, then the stupid bint in front of us called her friends over and they pushed in.  This girl was so dumb – she had a cut out from The Age on the “Five Essential Bands to catch”.  Seriously, if you can’t think of 5 bands you want to see without consulting The Age, maybe you should stay home.

Grinspoon are awesome.  Phil Jamieson is the funniest guy in Australian rock.

I wasn’t that keen on seeing Arcade Fire.  I think I decided ages ago I don’t like them so never really listened to their music but I can’t remember why I decided that.  They were pretty awesome on stage anyway.  One of the chicks with them was unbelievable.  At any point she could be anywhere on stage playing any instrument.

After them, Silverchair came on so we went to get food.  Silverchair – have they had a decent song since they hit puberty?  I think not.  And Daniel Johns, he used to be so hot *sigh*.  But they did “Freak” as their finale and that made me happy.

We got a spot for Bjork but it was right at the edge of the barrier and when she came on (with a bunch of musos in bird costumes or something wacky) she stood so far back on the stage we couldn’t see her so we went to the other side to get a good spot for RATM but there were no good spots and it was kind of a downer seeing Bjork from amongst the RATM crowd cos they were so not into her.

I got a bit bored during Bjork – maybe because of the lack of energy around me but I felt like it was the totally wrong venue to see her.  I did enjoy the last song she did though (dunno the name).

I looked at the crowd and said I didn’t think they raged against much but my sister reckoned they raged against their mums if she told them to clean their rooms and stuff and like that.

Ha, this was funny – there were a couple of real meathead guys sitting on the ground beside me and when Bjork started her final song they stood up and one of the meatheads started explaining the symbolism and meaning behind her costumes and staging to his mate.  You just can’t tell with people.

Then there was a break and some guy climbed up into the tree behind us.  The crowd didn’t like that so the crowd threw water bottles at him.  No exaggeration – I reckon there were about 500 water bottles thrown.

Then RATM started – and I was surrounded by pumped up teenage jumping up and down and raising their fist in the air while clouds of dust rose up from the dry ground.  Luckily being a Melbourne crowd, that only lasted for the first few bars (and the chorus).

I can’t even begin to describe how good RATM were.  I don’t have the words in the English language.  It’d be a big call to say that they are the best band I’ve ever seen but definitely the best band I’ve seen at the BDO.   Plus they did “Down Rodeo” which is my favourite ever RATM song and I didn’t think they’d do it so I feel a million kinds of happiness right now 🙂

I do have one teensy problem – I really want to go see their sideshow plus The Nightwatchman show but both are sold out.  Since I’m banned from Ebay, I asked Andrew to bid on tix for me but then he decided if he could get a cheap ticket, he’d keep it for himself.  Did I go through 20 hours of labour for that?

Afterwards I fought through the streams and streams of people to find my sister (she’d been to see LCD soundsystem and Paul Kelly) then the long, slow shuffle to the gates.  I called into the supermarket which was full of tired kids stocking up on junk food then came home.  Right now, I’m trying to get the energy to wash my dirt-encrusted body before collapsing between my white sheets!


9 responses to “Big Day Out of Awesome

  1. Awesome day then? Cool you got to see and hear some good music, and the atmosphere sounds like fun too! I have never been to any shows like that, am I missing something in my life then? hmmmmm.

  2. You’re banned from Ebay? What’s that all about?

  3. I love Rage!! Were they as good as they originally were??

    Yeah, spill on the Ebay banning!!

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. I might have to consider doing this show next year.

    Did they have any DJ’s playing? I heard that John Digweed and Roger Sanchez are in town so maybe they played at the BDO?

    No Ebay 😯

  5. Sensational!
    Any photos?
    The vegan handmade shoe shop is 78 SmithSt

  6. Chris enjoyed it too. He basically got there early, got a good spot at the front of the main stage and stayed put all day.

    Don’t you love the Volley ads?

  7. OOh – so jealous. I love Bjork! She writes so creatively. Paul Kelly sucks a bit live i reckon – didn’t like him at all. What did you think?

  8. sounds like you had a good day

  9. oh man i would have loved to see RATM. i was listening to their first album (i dunno if it is actually the first one but you know the one, the one that got played to death on jjj) and I nearly died when i read on the back it came out in 1992. how did that happen!?!?

    sounds like a rockin day 🙂

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