I got ditched by my running partner this morning.  I kinda figured that’d happen when I started getting drunken texts at midnight promising he’d turn up!  I managed to quite nicely by myself anyway – a couple of laps of Princes Park.  Was going to do Yoga in the Park afterwards but by the time I finished running the class had already started.

I really want to find somewhere that does handmade/custom made shoes.  I’ve got a fave pair of shoes that I’ve worn to death.   The heel has collapsed on one side!  They are the best shoes though and I want another pair although I doubt I’ll find them so I figure if I get some made the same I’ll have them forever.  I’ve been doing a net search since I remember someone telling me about a place on Gertrude or Smith St but can’t find it.  Meanwhile I’ve found <a href=””>this place</a> – I warn you though, don’t even look at that site if you have any kind of shoe buying problems.  Personally I want to take all the beautiful shoes home and look after them and love them.

The plan for this arvo is to go buy cowboy hats for the Big Day Out tomorrow.  Or maybe I’ll wear my trucker cap which will be much less annoying.


9 responses to “Shoes

  1. I will check out that shoe site, just as soon as I can steel myself to not go buy any!

  2. Maybe they meant Vegan Wares in Smith St?

  3. i couldnt tell you… im a NOW girl.. i would NEVER be able to wait…lol

  4. …oops comment above is me… i thought i had logged in properly(im on stu’s com puter obvioiusly) oops

  5. I was trying to work out why Stu was saying he was a NOW girl!

    Have a great Big Day Out – my son will be there somoewhere too!

  6. Not even looking at a shoe site! I would lose my house deposit! Have fun tomorrow and yoga in the park? sounds dreamy!

  7. There is a place here in town that make shoes … very very expensive…. I have only been in there once… Good luck with your hunt… I hate it when you very fav pair of shoes just cant keep up the pace anymore…

  8. Pmsl, Jo…. I was trying to envision Stu Mac as a NOW girl!!!

    Have a great day Kathryn, I am sure you will with whatever hat you end up wearing 🙂

  9. I can see you in those shoes!! They’re so …. you!!

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