Happy Australia Day

I had a pretty quiet one today.  We lolled around on the front porch, listening to the JJJ hottest 100 and complaining about the music taste of the kids today, ha ha.  Triple J is weird, it’s like there is this generic sound and it’s the same now as it was 10 years ago.  It’s not that the yoof are listening to stuff I hate, just that it’s stuff I’m bored with.

We kept trying to guess the bands and I was like it’s the Beatles or it’s Led Zeppelin.  The only bands/artists I knew were Regina Spector, Soko and the White Stripes (who I really haven’t liked since their first couple of albums even though I hate being THAT person).

At one point I guessed Snow Patrol and the band was actually Muse (lucky my son wasn’t here or he’d KILL me for that).  I actually have a theory that everyone is a secret Snow Patrol fan but they don’t want to admit it.  I developed this theory cos my sister and I both secretly (or not so secretly now) have that Snow Patrol song “Run” on our ipods.  I call it the dead people in TV shows songs cos they seem to play it every time someone dies.

After that, I thought I’d better get my lazy butt to the gym.  I did a huge weights workout + some running on the treadie between sets. My gym isn’t air conditioned – what do you expect for $4 a visit – so I was sweating like a pig when I finished.  I love to sweat at the gym; it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something.  I also polished off a 1.5 lt bottle of water.

Got home and cooked dinner.  I’d got some freshly made pasta at the market the other day.  I asked for pumpkin gnocchi but they gave me tortellini and the filling was a bit tasteless but I made the most awesome pasta sauce ever – a combination of heaps of vegies including fresh corn, chicken mince, a bottle of tomato sauce (the Italian stuff not like ketchup), low fat ricotta and a decent dollop of pesto.  I am very much satied now.


2 responses to “Happy Australia Day

  1. the dead people song!!! bwahaha! you are so right.

    your dinner sounds excellent. pesto just brings the room together..

  2. The pasta sauce with ricotta sounds great – I love ricotta!

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