Unhappy Feet

I walked to work today and ended up with big horrid blisters on my heels.  I thought I’d be okay wearing my Skechers instead of runners.  Big mistake.  As well as the blisters, the stupid velcro straps came undone about every 5 steps.

At lunch time I decided to go buy a pair of cheap slip on shoes instead of limping around.  I ended up walking down to Swanston St cos I can’t afford to buy shoes in the “Paris end” of the city.

You know how this country has an obesity problem?  Well I reckon we could solve a lot of it if people didn’t walk so freaken slow.  What’s with that?  I had my feet shredded to bleeding point with blisters and I was still trying to get around them.  Plus have you ever noticed that the slow people walk, the most footpath space they take up.

I think it should be legal to punch people who hog the footpath with their slow walking while using their mobile phones!  In fact it should be illegal to NOT punch them.

I checked out the shoe shops in the mall.  What the hell is with shoes atm?  I could get those canvas ballet flats or I could get thongs.  Nothing else.  And I am NOT wearing thongs to work even if they are fancy thongs.  I refuse to be one of those people.

Then I went to Target and the best I could do was a pair of canvas slingbacks.  It took me ages to find the right size while a bunch of feral kids ran around the store screaming their lungs out.  I wanted to tell their parents to control the little shits but, of course, the parents were nowhere to be found.  Then this white trash women started screaming at her kid to behave (he was the quietest kid in the store anyway, prolly to scare to make a noise).

OMG school holidays end next don’t they?  Please, please tell me they do.  What the fuck are these people doing shopping at lunch time anyway?  They have the whole freaken day to go shopping but no, they have to shop during that half hour window I have to run into the city and get shoes for lacerated feet.

So I finally found a pair of size 10 canvas slingbacks and went to the check out.  The slowest check out in the history of check outs.  The girl folded every single thing with meticulous care.  It’s freaken Target – since when do they even fold shit?

Got the new shoes on and they were a mile too big!  Yeah I should have tried them in the shop but I’d tried a similar pair that fitted perfectly.  Not only did the new shoes not fit, the sling back rubbed on my sore heels.  They I tucked the slingback under my feet but my feet kept slipping out of the shoes plus they rubbed on the front of my feet and gave me MORE BLISTERS.  I ended up putting my old shoes back on.

What a waste of time, I ended up doing more walking in the old shoes than I would have if I’d have just sucked it up in the first place.

So after work I went to my fave cafe and it was filled with more kids.  Well teenagers.  Why are all these teenagers at the cafe? Why aren’t they out tagging trains and skulling Stone’s Green Ginger and sniffing glue?  They were very loud teenagers.  Then two women came in and one of them spent the whole time telling her friend what a horrible person she (the friend) is.  I dunno about you but if I went out for coffee with a mate and she abused the whole time, she’d be wearing that coffee.

So, to sum up, it’s been a shitty day and people suck.  I did have an awesome vegie parcel (in pastry – oops) and some chocolate coated dried strawberries.  I think I could have early PMT.


12 responses to “Unhappy Feet

  1. OMG! I couldn’t agree more with that whole entry. I live in Aberdeen in Scotland and I swear every single senior citizen makes a beeline for the city centre just when I’m heading out for lunch. They should be banned between the hours of 10am and 2pm so normal people can get a sandwich without having to dodge slow moving walking canes.

    And as for mums with kids shopping at lunch time, I totally agree with you. Why can’t they go in the morning or afternoon?? They should be banned between 10 and 2 as well. In fact, there should be entire shopping centres where kids are banned altogether. I’d shop there.

  2. My sentiments exactly. I especially think it should be legal to push people down escalators who stand and don’t walk. It’s going down for god’s sake, gravity does all the work, JUST MOVE or at least try and confine your extremely large arse to one side so I can get past!!

  3. No, no – don’t waste time and energy punching the slow walkers…it should be legal to simply pull out a machine gun and take ’em out. Seriously.

    What? What? Hey, it’s OK in Russia:


  4. I am with you wholeheartedly- slow walkers and their friends who like to stop and have a chat in the middle of the footpath. Not long now and the city will be normal again and we can complain about those kids and their enormous school bags on the tram that ladder my stockings.

  5. There’s a group on facebook called “I secretly want to punch slow-walking people in the back of the head”. It has a LOT of members. I hate them too. Especially when I’m trying to run for a train.

    I’m ALWAYS a size smaller in Target shoes for some reason. I love it! 😀

  6. oH NO!
    And the shoes are just insult to injury – Target size 10 can be way small or freaking enormous, you can’t tell.
    Today will be better I’m sure 🙂

  7. Ah, you need to go far far away and get pampared. Now. Right now.

  8. They should have slow lanes and fast lanes marked on the footpath. Like, keep to the left if you have nowhere to go, nothing to do, if nobody loves you and you feel like your life is a complete failure 🙂

  9. Slow walkers shit me to tears! I might be lumbering a bit now, thanks to my expansion, but on my walk home the other day I still managed to overtake quite a few people. I think that says a bit about some peoples fitness if I can walk past them at a reasonable pace without breaking a sweat. And some people are just lazy. The worst place for them is in the QVB, makes me stabby every time I walk in there. But you know what I hate more? People, especially security guards, who use Segways.

    Sorry to hear about your feet. I get the same problem with so many shoes. I have a gorgeous pair of Keds, that I bought a size bigger, that I can’t wear because they cut my feet to ribbons. It sucks. Hope your wearing comfy shoes and socks today and recovering.

  10. I joined a facebook group called I want to punch slow moving people in the back of the head 😆

    Hope today was better.

    On the tan the other day I had to resist the urge to rugby tackle a horde of Toorak madams out for a stroll, perfectly coifed in their designer gear walking 5 abreast across the path, moving slower than cold tar on a very cold day. Ladies YOU HAVE TO RAISE YOUR HEARTRATE!!!!

  11. You poor chicken! Lol at the facebook group! And no – school should not go back EVER! Us teachers are loving that they are feral for their parents rather than for us for a change!

  12. from teh years i spent working in retail, that this last week is definetely the one to avoid going to retail work, or to avoid shopping. Parents will take their kids to the shops this week while they purchase back to school stationary,or whatever. mental note to stay home that week if possible.
    i have no idea why some people think it is their right to take up the whole footpath and show no consideration for others, the worst i find are the ones who walk 3or 4 abreast and just try to run you into the shop window, then they walking toward you due to being too inconsiderate to allow any room in the opposite direction.
    i noticed that trains have got worse like this over the last couple of years also. You may be right next to the train door so there is a microsecond before exiting, but some people refuse to allow you to exit, while they try to push into you to enter the train, even when there is heaps of room on the train and no need to be aggressive. These people often have glazed looks in their eyes.
    my theory is some people are on presciption medication or are so stressed they have lost all empathy or knowledge anyone exists but them.
    i would saythe antidote, is as Mary says, get some pampering or some refresh time!

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