Weigh In – Arrrggghh

I’m up 1.4 kgs this week to 86.1 kgs.  Oops.  I think that’s a combination of water retention and bad eating.  Time to stop that.  It’s amazing how quickly I can get into bad habits.  Anyway, my tactics for this week are:

  • record eating – I’ve been using Calorie King but when I have stuff that I know isn’t in their database then I get slack about it.  I might start keeping a paper journal so it keeps me honest.
  • eat less crap, cook more

5 responses to “Weigh In – Arrrggghh

  1. I’m finding that I’m a slacker with CK as well lately. I might have to try the pen/paper thing too. Mmm, cooking. Do a big cook up over the weekend! What kind of things will you be cooking?

  2. I find that when I’m cooking I start to get bored with the same things. This then means that I have to go and buy more cook books (like I don’t have enough already!) to find new recipes!

  3. I can’t wait until winter slips in and I can make the big stews and soups and freeze them and then pull them out and pretend that they are takeaway – it is so much harder to eat well in summer with all those ice creams and stuff hanging around..

  4. Water retention can easily cause 1-2kg differences.

  5. Sheizer. Stop it now!

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