You know what the most painful thing about running is?  Not the knee problems or the feet.  Not the hamstrings or anything like that.  It’s when the hot water of your post-run shower hits the spot on your back where your bra strap rubs.  Last night I was saying words that made the baby Jesus weep.

Despite not working today, I didn’t make it to the gym.  I thought about it, I thought about it a lot then realised I could do all the stuff I wanted to do at home.  I only wanted to go to the gym cos I’ve got a month’s membership and wanted to get my money’s worth.  I don’t think I’ll get a membership again since it’s only $4 per class and I don’t go that often.

I’ve actually been thinking of getting more stuff for working out at home.  I’m paying for go-go class and boxing (when I go) plus I want to start going back to yoga.  That’s a fair wack of money a week then add on entry fees for fun runs etc and I really can’t afford gym fees.

The main reasons I go to the gym are for non-running cardio (but their cardio equipment is rubbish anyways) and weights and the occasional pilates/yoga class.  I reckon I can do weights without the gym – I have dumbbells at home and a fitball – and still cough up the $4 for pilates.

Anyway, I spent my day off (apart from procrastinating) by going to the market and then to the pictures to see Juno.  Is Micheal Cera the funniest actor alive?  I think so.  He just had to look at the camera and I’m falling off my seat laughing.  It’s an awesome movie and I wanna go back – hilarious and a refreshing lack of moralising considering it’s about teen pregnancy.  I also tried to do the Sudoku puzzle in the paper.  I’m getting addicted to those bloody things.

4 responses to “Pain

  1. That is so true about the bra chafe – and the heart rate monitor chafe is also no fun in the shower. I love sudoku too- sometimes it is the only reason I buy the paper.

  2. I’m hanging to see Juno. I just saw Michael in Superbad which was very funny albeit a bit gross.

  3. I love Sudoku. I’ve bought a couple of books and I do one each night before bed…..well I try to finish it anyway 🙄

    Bra Chafe = ouchies 😯

  4. If you stopped going to the cafe for coffee and eats you could afford the gym twice!! hehe

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