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Went for a run tonight.  Didn’t want to go to the Tan because I’m over it so we were discussing various alternatives and I had the Beat the Boat brochure beside me so we decided to do that.  I had to meet Simon in Burnley but took a wrong turn and ended up on Burke Rd!  Then I waited in the wrong spot and didn’t have my phone on me but he found me anyway.  Sometimes you just can’t avoid that running.

I said we had to go to Flinders St but Simon insisted we turn around at Swan St.  When I got home, I checked and it is Flinders St so we did less than 10 kms.  I was right, he was wrong, I can sing the I am right song.

We’ve decided to make Wednesday night our long run night because it’s been too hard to organise weekend running.  The slightly less than 10 kms we did tonight were pretty cruisey even though we’ve not been doing long runs at all for the past few months.  Go us!

Yah, I don’t have to work tomorrow.  That rules.  I can sleep in then go to the gym then the market then maybe a movie.  Then I only have work Friday and it’s a long weekend.  That means I don’t have to wear work clothes again until Tuesday.

5 responses to “More Stuff

  1. Ah crap, you just reminded me that i’m going to have to go back to ‘work clothes’. Bah.
    Glad you enjoyed your run.

  2. You were destined to run last night Kathryn!

    I now know how to dress for work because the Trinny & Susannah book that I bought told me how to 🙄

    Can’t wait for the long weekend. Have got tickets to see The Police!

    Hope you have a good one 🙂

  3. You sound like me. I get excited counting how many days i dont have to wear proper shoes for 🙂

  4. how much do you love telling boys that they were wrong?

  5. Are you going to try and “Beat the Boat”?

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