Lately I’ve been struggling on my 5 km Tuesday morning run, needing to stop for walk breaks and such.  Well I must be doing something right because it felt easy this morning.  No struggling at all.  It took me around 40 mins all up and that included a very lengthy toilet break!

I found out at work today that I’m getting paid on a daily rate instead of hourly like I normally do so I left early… I’m going to get paid the same anyways 🙂  Work is frustrating sometimes.  When you do technical stuff with non-techie people, you can be shooting miracles out your butt and no one even realises.  Then you do something insanely easily and everyone thinks you’re a hero.  I guess it all comes down to priorities and perception.

I walked home from work again today.  I never really consider walking as “real” exercise but then I realised if my 5 km walk home burns 250 calories then in 2 weeks I’ve burnt 2,500 calories which = 1 kg.  That’s awesome!

Tonight I went to Go Go class.  I meant to wear my heart rate monitor cos I could see how many calories I burnt.  It’s hard to know because when you’re learning stuff, you’re not burning many calories but when you’re dancing, you surely do.

4 responses to “Stuff

  1. Glad the running is getting easier…. and yes, walking DOES count! Enjoy the dancing!

  2. Wow Kathryn you have done so well already this year with your weight loss. All that running and walking and dancing is sure paying off. xx

  3. You are so right about the work stuff, the secret is, when you do the insanely easy thing, make it look hard and seem to take longer, they appreciate it more that way.

  4. PMSL shooting miracles out your butt, I am so telling my boss that one tomorrow, we were just bitching about the very thing today and you put it so well 🙂

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