Fun and Games

Was planning an early night last night when the power went out.  Yikes.  I went out to check the circuit break box thing and fixed it but it went straight back off again.  After much drama and mucking around, we worked out my sister’s freezer was the culprit.  Ended up moving it to the bathroom to see if it worked there since nothing else uses electricity in the bathroom and it’s on a separate switch.  It still made the power go out then we realised the motor in it had burned out.  Managed to get all her food into me and the housemate’s fridges so it wasn’t too tragic, just that she has no freezer now (plus her fridge is really dodgy).

I spent most of the day bumming around.  Well getting writing projects worked on and such.  My printer has been being an anus-face lately and not printing so I went to Officeworks after my massage yesterday and found a little ink jet one on the clearance table for $28.  At the checkout, the guy behind me thought they were telling me the price for the ink cartridges cos it was so cheap.  It also does scanning so I started scanning some of my drawings (since it’s been too hot to knit, I’ve been drawing instead).  I’ll post some up later.

Tonight I wanted to go for a run but also wanted to do weights at the gym.  I could have gone to the gym after my run but figured I wouldn’t.   So instead I went to the gym, did a warm up then the first group of weights, a 10 min interval session the treadie, next group of weights then another 10 mins, more weights and another 10 mins on the treadie.  Then stretching 🙂

I prolly overdid since I was going all out on the weights plus trying to do my faster intervals at 12 kmh which is like my top speed.  By the last lot of running, I was pretty much buggered so did increases in incline instead.

Last weekend when I went running with Kathy, she mentioned how she adjusts the seat for the leg press.  I have much trouble on the leg press because my range of motion is rooted.  I have to sit on the damn thing then get my legs and push the seat back a little bit … just enough so that I can get both legs in but not so much that I can’t adjust the weights!  Tonight I found the seat adjusting thingo!  I never knew you could do that before.

After that I went to the supermarket, feeling totally spent!  I managed to buy some stuff to cook up a fast and healthy dinner (since it was 9.30 when I left the gym) plus I got a packet of Lindt chocolate squares.  OMG, I’ve never tried the Lindt Intense Orange before.  Why has nobody told me about this?  It is by far the best thing I’ve ever had in my mouth.

6 responses to “Fun and Games

  1. mmm lindt..gotta love it… and remember if you get the 70% cocoa, it supposed to be realtively good for you(in small amounts)

  2. Did you feel like a dork when you realised that you could adjust the seat on the leg press??? I have done the exact same thing!!! And yes, I felt like a dork!

  3. I apologise for being so remiss in my chocolate recommendation, the Intense Orange is pretty special. When I was last in Sydney for work I bought some Intense Cherry from the Lindt Shop in Martin Place, that was pretty damn fine as well.

  4. Mmm, I’m a sucker for Intense Orange! Would you believe I blogged about it a long while back now – Guess what I’m picking up on the way home…maybe, hopefully…we’ll see 🙂

    Can’t wait to see some of your drawing!

  5. I love the orange ones- and I love the minty ones- they must be good for you because it is the same flavour as toothpaste. I am sure if my freezer broke I would feel obligated to eat everything in it .

  6. Oh no. Em already has me hooked on the Chilli Lindt, and now I’m going to have to go and try the Intense Orange.

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