Finally made it to the doctor today.  I told him about my sore neck and started poking it and, of course, it’s not sore today.  Isn’t that always the way.  Still I’d rather have no soreness than not look like a dill at the doctors.

It wasn’t a wasted trip since I got my blood tests back (from about 4 months ago, I’m so slack).  He said my cholestrol was okay for a normal person but a bit high for a diabetic.  Then he checked my blood sugars and asked me how come I was diagnosed with diabetes!  He said they are as low as he’s seen.  Woohoo!

Sometimes I get so caught up in the outward results – the scales and how I look – that I forget about the insides.  To be honest, it’s really shit me that my sister has been losing weight while ‘ve been gaining.  She doesn’t eat well but she only eats one (big, rubbishy) meal a day).  I guess it pays off though cos I’m totally healthy and awesomely well while she’s chronically fatigued.

Not that I’m a total Mother Theresa or anything.  The outsides are pretty damn important too.

6 responses to “Checkup

  1. …ahhhhh the fitness is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better..

  2. Gotta love sibling rivalry- I try not to sabotage my sisters healthy plans but sneakily I want her to be fatter than me.

  3. LOL sisters and I’ve got 3 of them myself. Glad you’re okay hon and great news about how good you are! 🙂

  4. The health of the insides is ultimately a lot more important that the outside, but it is usually the case that one follows the other.

  5. OOO so glad your throat is better, and no more poking is necessary! Outside/inside, I dunno what’s more important!

  6. Defo better to be healthy. My sister weighs less than me and is a perfect size 8, but I totally kick her arse when we run together, my resting HR is heaps lower than hers and my BF is lower so I’d rather have all that and the extra 5Kgs I have on her too!

    BTW I LOVE the dress from yesterday, totally totally you 🙂

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