Another Kg down

Yeah, I lost a kg this week. That brings it up to 2.3 kgs for the year. Go me! I celebrated by doing no exercise (other than walking home from work) then going out for dinner. I figure one day off isn’t going to kill me. Well other than Wednesday when I didn’t exercise at all. Oops.

You know what sucks about working up the “Paris end” of the city? All the lunch places are insanely busy. I’ve worked all over then city and never seen anything like it. I tried to buy sushi the other day and couldn’t even get in the shop! I’m not a fan of the packed lunch but it’s looking mighty tempting compared to a long, long queue. Either that or I might walk into the city and get something elsewhere.

On the way home for work, I went into Mazi – I love their clothes but they never seem to be really me.   A bit too girlie and feminine.  Anyway tonight they were having a big sale and I found the most fab dress reduced to a measly $10!  Oh yeah, how good is that?  It’s a bit tight but figured I couldn’t pass it up.  Oh and it’s black not brown like in the pic.


5 responses to “Another Kg down

  1. Hmm sushi – yumm. Love that dress, it’s very you and the way you’re going it won’t be tight for long.

  2. Congrats skinny dude

  3. Great weight loss all ready- and cute dress.

  4. Wow, what a bargain! So where’s the pic of you modelling it…?

    I was in the city yesterday at lunchtime with the kids and it was just busy and packed everywhere….now I remember why I don’t go there often during the day. Packed lunches are GOOD…long as you don’t stick to boring ham & cheese sangers.

  5. Good going with the loss and come on, packed lunches rock! I cringe at what crap is available if I don’t take something yummy I cooked up over the weekend specially. I never used to like packed lunches though. Gorgeous dress!

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