I started the new contract today just when I’m getting sick.  Well I’ve actually been feeling off colour for a while but in denial.  Leastways, it’s good to know that my decline in exercise has some other basis than personal slackness.

I think I’ve got swollen glands.  My neck is really sore when I move it in one direction and hurts when I poke it but I don’t have a sore throat or anything.  I do have cold symptoms.  Anyway, no exercise today and an early night – hopefully that’ll fix it.

In other scream-worthy events, I think the backlight on my laptop display is kaput!  I had my laptop on the other morning then closed it so I could iron my interview shirt on the table.  I went out for the interview etc and, when I got home, the display had gone black.  I can see a faint image but not enough to actually work on.

Atm I’ve got my old PC monitor hooked up.  It’s wacky when you’re typing on one thing and the words come out somewhere else!  I’m sure it has all kinds of ergonomic issues.  Since I can’t afford to get the laptop fixed in the immediate future, I’m going to have to come up with a workaround if I want to type more than a blog entry.

Last night I went to Go Go classes with the lovely Aimee and friend.  We had a very awesome class, dancing to the Divinyls then sitting around chatting afterwards.


5 responses to “Sick

  1. Stop poking your sore throat ya dork! And if it gets worse go to the Dr… YIKES I sound like your bloody mother!!!!!

  2. Chris beat me to it.

    If if hurts when you poke it, then duh, don’t poke it.

    I know what you mean though, I have had that pain before.

  3. LOL – I was going to give you the same “well, don’t poke it then!” response. Original.

    With the laptop, can you get a cheap keyboard (or borrow one) and use that for now? That way, you can set the keyboard and monitor up in front of you, all nice and ergonomic, and just sit the laptop to one side out of the way

    Hope the lurgy passes!.

  4. I was going to make the same suggestion re the keyboard, but Kek beat me to it. You certainly aren’t having a lot of luck with that computer are you! Hope the early night makes you feel better.

  5. i am tipping you will top 50,000 hits by the end of the month.

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