I had a great run with Kathy this morning.  Both of us were feeling a bit blah so we didn’t push it but managed a couple of laps of Princes Park with lots of gossiping and fun.  Afterwards we did Yoga at the Park.  I thought I’d feel all self-conscious but you kinda forget the other people around you (except the old guy on the bench nearby who kept staring).  There were a group doing Tai Chi near us so that took the pressure off – Tai Chi definitely looks goofier than yoga.

So far, lots of good stuff.

Then I went to the local cafe for food and coffee.  My sister and I sat down in the courtyard, laughing and mucking around.  We started doing the sports quiz in the paper.  I suck at sports quiz cos I know nothing about sport so the girl at the next table was helping out.  Then this miserable old bastard came over and told us to keep our voices down because it had been peaceful before we arrived and we were disturbing him!  I kid you not.

Normally I just all quiet and tied up inside when stuff like that happens but this time I got mad.  I told him that I was sorry that the sound of us enjoying ourselves disturbing so much.  Still I felt uncomfortable for the rest of the time I was there.  I told the staff when I left and they said he’d been in the day before and been really rude to them as well.  I told him that next time he orders food, they should spit in it!  Ha.

I really don’t understand people like that.  It’s as if their rights (to peace and quiet or whatever) are more important than other people’s rights (to go out and have a laugh).  I’d never dream of telling someone to be quiet.  Even when I go for coffee and take a bunch of writing to proofread and there’s a bunch of squeaching school kids next to me.  Isn’t that why ipods where invented?

Also, since I’ve become friendly with a few of the staff, I’ve noticed just how rude some people can be to wait staff.  It makes me so angry that people think because they are paying $3 for a cup of coffee they can treat other people like shit.  If you go into a crowded cafe and have to wait a while for your order then suck it up.  If someone makes a mistake then tell them politely, don’t scream at them.  FFS! For $buggerall an hour, people shouldn’t have to take that shit.

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  1. I suspect people who are rude in shops and cafes have never worked in the service industry themselves. After working for a few years as a checkout chick and on the phones in a call centre I would never dream of being rude to someone who is serving me because I know how shitty the jobs are. Unless of course they are rude to me then it’s gloves off baby.

  2. I hate arrogant wankers.

    My friend’s husband is like that, especially when we are in ethnic restaurants, he starts abusing the little Thai waitresses as if they are second class citizens – it sucks!!

    And if you want peace and quiet why the hell would you go to a cafe??

  3. People like the old fella should just stay home and be miserable. I got told to stop having so much fun in my own backyard once when having a BBQ in the afternoon. I rarely have BBQs and have people over. I was gobsmacked because we didn’t even have the stereo loud but it was all the laughter that got him. Poor petal. Seriously!

    And wait staff, don’t get me started. I always appreciate any service I am given. I feel like clubbing some people in the head sometimes. There are some real a-holes there. It doesn’t matter how much mulla you got, if you’re an ass, you’re an ass.

  4. Yup agree! People can be unbelievably rude. My daughter Kate works in a supermarket deli, and sometimes customers are very rude to her.

  5. Some people just have no manners- it is a massive sign of someone’s character. I was a checkout chick and I can’t believe how rude some people were. Please and thank-you they cost nothing! (I think I may be old before my time!)

  6. I hate people who are rude. There is just no reason for rudeness. None.

    I get it ALL the time.

  7. …yep..if he wants peace and quiet..im sure his house is very peaceful… i like hearing people having a good time

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