On Track and Tracking

Thanks for all the support and advice 🙂

I’ve been back to tracking my food on Calorie King for a while now and I never seem to eat enough protein.  Not that I’m vego or anything, but I don’t eat a lot of meat.  My main protein source is the milk in my daily coffee!  So, with some product advice from Kek, I bought a thing of protein powder today for some extra oomph.  It will definitely help with those ‘it’s too hot to cook, too hot to eat; I’ll just snack’ days of summer.

I also went to the supermarket and stocked up on fruit and vege and other handy stuff to have like cheese and basil and vietnamese mint.  I love having a fridge full of food.  And a cupboard full of food (that’ll stay that way cos I put a big lock on it to stop theiving housemates!) .
You know what’s annoying though?  The woman at the shop packed everything into a huge box for me then said it was okay cos she’d get someone to carry it to the car.  I almost asked if he planned to come home and carry it into the house as well.  It’s all fine and dandy to have car service, and much more than you’d expect at one of the big supermarket chains, but I still had to carry the overpacked box.

Actually it wasn’t that heavy.  The really annoying thing is trying to close the back of a hatchback with your arms full.  What do you do with the box?  I didn’t want to sit it on the ground and if I rested it on the bumper bar, the back doesn’t close!

I didn’t seem to do much today but with the shopping and some cleaning and organising, I’ve got a lot done.  Tomorrow I’m meeting Kathy at Princes Park for a run then some yoga.

5 responses to “On Track and Tracking

  1. Good for you….protein is important! Recipes are coming tomorrow, promise!

    Veggies are extra-important too. If left to our own devices, we tend to fill up on bloody starch. Ick, not good at all. Well, you need SOME, just not 90% of every meal….

    At the mo, I’m loving grilled protein (fish, chicken, lamb, beef, whatever…) with salads padded out with summer fruit. :p

  2. Has Kathy moved to Melbourne? I wanna meet her!

  3. I have to start tracking again on Calorie King. Once these blessed school hols are over, I can resume all consistent tracking and exercise!

    I am so jealous of you and Kathy running at Princes Park, I want to come 😆

  4. Curves diet is based around a daily protein shake. It was really good because when you are hungriest you have a shake and you get super full!

  5. At least I hadn’t read this before meeting you this morning, so you got a chance to “tell” me this story, instead of me saying “I read that on your blog”. 🙂

    Thanks for the run and yoga today. It was great. Let me know how you go with your protein.

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