*Deep Breathe*

Okay I’m over my hissy fit now.  I’ve been for a run and that’s put things into perspective… all my worries get reduced to just making it to the top of the Anderson St hill alive!

I am going to go to the doctor.  Well I have to go anyway – a few months ago I had blood tests etc to check my blood sugar levels and all that and I’ve not been back.  I figure they soon ring you and tell you to come in if it’s bad news.  But still worth seeing about.  I used to take Metformin and that makes losing weight easier.  Basically (I could be wrong/confused though) if you’re not metabolising sugars properly, it helps out so your system has to be screwy to start with to get any benefit.  Worth looking into anyways.

I did actually buy a suit amongst all the angst.  Well it’s not really a suit suit.  I’d intended to buy a basic black suit, very conservative, for job interviews.  I dunno… I just don’t seem to do conservative.  Plus all the suits I looked at, besides being on the tight side, were shiny and looked cheapish.  What I ended up getting is a grey tunic style dress that can be worn with a shirt under it and a little grey, cropped swing jacket.  I was going to say it’s very Madeline (from the children’s books) but when I tried to find a link, I realised it’s nothing like that at all 🙂


9 responses to “*Deep Breathe*

  1. running it off sounds like a great idea and I dunno – i can put 10kg on in three weeks – no seriously! i can. So – 4 months of not counting EVERYTHING you put i your mouth sounds ok.

  2. 10kg in 4 months works out to only about 400g per week…. definitely not impossible. If you’ve gained what seems an excessive amount in just 2 or 3 weeks, it’s going to be mainly fluid – I bet the ‘extras’ you’ve been eating have all been carbohydrate-based. That’ll do it every time.

    Up your water consumption and your non-starchy vegies and cut back on sugar and starches – don’t try to cut them out entirely, just reduce them. You should find that you drop a lot of fluid pretty quickly and your clothes will get looser.

    I feel your pain….definitely been there!

  3. Doh! That was supposed to be 600g a week. I CAN do maths. Sometimes.

  4. Hey the grey tunic dress sounds much nicer than a black suit for itnerviews over summer. i had some interviews last summer, and wore a grey suit and it felt so much nicer than heavy black for summer. Plus tunics are great, as you can just wash the shirts adn the tunic stays fresh for a lot of wears and different shirt colors give it a different look.
    When i went shopping in the city recently i could hardly find one dress or top that fitted my buiild, even though i am within the correct weight now, i am still huge compared to most clothes made in asian countries. i have huge broad shoulders and a talll frame that makes waists in dresses sit up under the bust, and the baby doll under bust dresses sit above my bust, long sleeve shirts come to beloow the elbow, and the area of the shirt that flares out in a fitted shirt, flares out on me at my waist due to me being too tall for the shirt.

    Basically there are thousands and thousands of dresses or shirts but they make them for one body type, and nobody elese whose body might be a different proportion or a different height or weight can find a design that is flattering for them.
    Still when i looked at most of the “fashion” it did not look very appealing anyway! so well done of finding something versatile that suits you and fits nicely.
    as far as the weight loss thing goes, it can be tough with sit down pc time at jobs, and writing classes etc. those skinny shop girls and waitresses or tradespeople who seem to eat heaps, they are burnign a lot more calories for up to 50 hours a week for each hour. i am so glad i no longer have to be on my feet for a 50 hour shop girl job, or to have to be a waitress, but i do recall it is very easy to be skinny when doing that kind of work.
    So with the writing classes, pc work it can take at least a hours exercise time each day to match someone who is on feet 50 hours a week. So it is not easy to keep slim, it takes quite a bit of effort really. Hope you can find some ways to add a couple of hours extra activity each day, be it gardening, painting a room, or walkign while chtating with friends, or helping a friend run around after kids or do garden.
    Alternatively one can cut out all sugar for a few weeks, it is not so hard after first couple of days. Also one can have apple puree oat muffins, or home made pancakes with berries and such, or a whole mango, maybe a special spicy chicken meal or somethign to help the first couple of days seem less deprived. After that a lack of processed sugar starts to help the fat come off, particularly the midriff fat.

    When i went off sugar for a few months, i made some little cocoa whey balls with a little splenda mixed in, and some linseed oil. they were a little health treat for mid morning or when out and about, they do not taste the same as cakes, but after eating one, the proteins really do lift the blood sugar and fill you up and help you feel very satisfied. interestingly a lot of those diet plans have some sort of low fat or whey shake for mid morning or afternnoon. Sometimes in order to be strong not to overeat wrong foods aftera run or something, it just takes some types of packed foods or tactics to get a new system going.
    i found another approach also worked, was that i was not allowed to have any bread or sweet thing, unless i had finished my salad and big plate of vegetables and healthy stuff first. then i found one slice of toast with something on might satisfy, whereas starting wtiht toast of soemthign when hungry not so good. So instead of saying no cake or no toast, it become must have huge plate of salad and vegetables beforehand. Then i can have a small serve of something sweet or whatever.
    So good luck with maybe fininding some fine tunings, or some slight change of tactics, be it takiing up waitressing one night a week, or having a dancing rather than a movie night sometimes, or just chopping all sugar out for a few weeks. (by all sugar i mean maybe within about 5 gram, eg maybe if there is a tiny bit in some mayo or sauce not to obsess, just no cakes, sweet yoghurt, alcohol, and jams and stuff).
    the other approach could be to say well with pc and writing work being more fun than waitressign or shop work, or doing housework for a family of 4, or gardenign all weekend etc, then one could just cruise with the 80’s kg wise as many office workers are in the same boat, a bit too tired after work to run around too much.
    i think i would rather have a bit extra weight on me than go back to shop girl work on my feet all day, i might have been skinny then, but i got hte worst varicose veins, bunions nad UTI’s from no toilet breaks, and really standing all day and moving around with shop restocking and such, aand the sinus i got from having to do the garden each week gave me sinus, might have burned calories but it did take some tolls on teh body. i really do not envy these skinny waitresses and shop girls, it is not much pay for very hard work.

  5. I think I will make this short and sweet after your last commenter! Suit sounds neat, glad you are going to the Dr. Have a great weekend.

  6. That suit sounds nice, really versatile and not too stuffy (not you at all!)
    Getting your blood tests done sounds like a good idea, also maybe see a naturopath or herbalist if you do that sort of thing?

  7. I like the sound of the grey tunic 🙂

    That sucks about your weight gain! Are you doing your food diary on Calorie King? You know you can turn this around, you have done it very successfully before!

    If it is any consolation, I have stacked it on as well. Very depressing 😦

  8. I thinkI know what you are talking about. I was looking at opne of those yesterday and I think its a shift dress. or close enough to anyway.

  9. Honey I’d drop dead from shock if I ever saw you do conservative, please promise me now you will never do it!

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