I had an appointment this morning so got up, walked 15 mins then afterwards went to the gym. I did an intense cardio workout then weights. My physio told me to do pulse on the leg press to “fire up my glutes”. Fire up? Is that another name for EXTREME pain? Then I walked home. All in the hot, hot heat. I’m a legend. A freaken crazy legend.

Em mentioned on her blog the other day that she was having almond butter and it sounded mighty delish so I got some. On the way home for the gym, I wanted lunch but I wanted easy to make and easy to eat lunch cos I don’t have the strength left for major chewing. Then I remembered the almond butter so I bought a roll and made a banana and almond butter roll for lunch. It was the most truly awesome roll ever. Maybe more awesome if I’d put cinnamon on it but the cinnamon is the kitchen (everything else is in the fridge in my room where the housemates can’t get at it) and my housemate was in the kitchen and I didn’t want cinnamon badly enough to put up with talking to him.

I was going to go shopping for a suit this arvo. I managed without one for two years but figure I should have one. But it’s bloody hot and it’s going to be bloody hot tomorrow and so I figure no one is going to expect me to wear a suit to an interview when it’s 40 degrees and, if they do, I don’t want to work for facist nitpickers like that anyway. I did buy an iron so now I have a whole world of new clothes open to me – all the ones I wore once then they needed ironing so I’ve dumped them in the back of the wardrobe. How do you iron?

Update: job interview has been postponed until Monday.  At least it won’t be so damn hot but that means I might have to buy a suit.


9 responses to “buggered

  1. You are a legend indeed! Almond butter? workout then pig out! I like it. Havn’t had butter in any form for years.

  2. heres a word of advice…never iron the clothes while they are on!!! ummm yep i did that once..i was in an awful hurry and it was just a little bit that needed it….lol..when the iron came in direct contact with skin..ummm it wasnt pretty..yeah im a smart little cookie bean

  3. nah! i am fully for wearing anything but a suit and I LOVES the clothes that don’t need ironing – heaven is slinky material at casa d’Airlie. Don’t ya hate when you get to that stage of share hoursing when you just can’t even eat what you want coz of the whole wankstick flat mate thing!

  4. i am pretty sure Chris, that almond butter is not butter? it is like peanut butter only much better for you as it is made with ground almonds. a few nuts a day is good for you, plus even a little added vegetable oil in the amount of almond butter on a roll would be fine. i actually feel a whole lot healthier with a few nuts each day, it is good protein and helps keep sugar cravings away.

  5. Paying someone to do your ironing is an entirely sensible option.

    Isn’t it awful how work gets in the way of a carefree holiday lifestyle?

  6. Yup, that almond stuff isn’t bad is it. Expensive though!

  7. What’s an iron? lol. I’m terrible for wearing creased clothes to work… I really should get better at that!

    Good luck with the interview on Monday

  8. Have to agree with Lauren – what’s an iron ??? If something needs ironing – I don’t buy it no matter how good it looks on because I know it will never get ironed therefore never worn so I would be wasting my hard earned $$ buying it !! Good luck with buying (and wearing) a suit in 40 degree + weather !!

    Take care and keep up the running – you amaze me every time I read about all the running that you do and sometimes it even motivates me enough to get on my bicycle because nobody wants to ever seen me running down the road !

    Have a great weekend

  9. I iron as I need something. My figuring is why iron everything after you wash and dry etc when you are going to hang it all in the wardrobe and it will probably need some going over when I want to wear it anyway. So Iron when needed is my motto.

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