Work and That

Arrgghh, had to work today.  Yeah a whole day of it!  I actually thought it’d be a few hours but ended being over 8.  Oh well, must think of cash for my new bed 😀

I’ve got an interview Friday for another contract.  If I get it, I’ll start Monday.  It’s only for a few weeks but kinda ruins my work-free January plans (not that I’m complaining about the $$$).

My plan for tomorrow is to do some jobs in the morning then buy an all day train ticket and spend the 40+ degree heat in the air conditioned trains (well except peak hour).  Either that or go to the movies all day.

We worked out our Big Day Out plans today.  We don’t need to get there until 4.30 so that means maximum bands with minimum hanging out with annoying kids 😀

Oh yeah, the physio went well yesterday.  Nothing major wrong although I’d figured that because I started feeling better on my own.  Still good to have some professional prodding down.  She said my back and hips are very tight so I’m going to work on stretches for that.  I went for a run this morning and still had some niggles but nothing serious.

I do think I’m getting to be a slower runner — that really sucks.   I get out there and run consistently but think I don’t push myself hard enough to make improvements and that comes back a lot to being injured.  I have the fear now.  Like when you start running, you never think about injuries but once you’ve had to take time off with problems, every little ache is a big problem waiting to happen.  It’s a delicate tightrope to walk!


4 responses to “Work and That

  1. which bands are you sussing out sweety?

    i am loving the look!

  2. my parents have a new bed in their spare room (where I am staying on my hols – check out my facebook photos!). I am now officially In Love With New Beds and must Save Up for one Immediately

  3. Get on that bike Kathryn, much kinder to the body!

  4. ..yeah super soon as i have any pain anywhere now(especially if it oculd be back related)

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