• One of my short stories is online at the new and very fabulous Lucrezia Magazine. It has rude bits so not suitable for work or other sensitive areas (or for ppl who don’t like rude bits).  First week of the year and I have a story published already, not bad going except that I did all the work like the writing and editing and submitting last year 😀
  • My leg felt better this morning so I did an interval workout on the exercise bike.  Now the leg doesn’t feel so good.  I went to Pilates tonight and noticed the doctors still open on the way home so popped in and made a physio appointment for tomorrow.  Better safe than sorry.
  • This weather is driving my weight insane.  I’ve been weighing about .5 kg lighter at night than in the morning?  Weird stuff.  I’m putting it down to heat and dehydration and weird girlie stuff going on in my body.

12 responses to “Things

  1. Great piece of writing.

    Hope the physio can help you out with the leg

  2. Excellent read first thing in the morning! AND I am without my man.. he’s hundreds of miles away… .so it did kinda touch a nerve so to speak! Ya for toys is all I can say! Evil…..

  3. Better safe than sorry as you say – even if it’s just post-hill soreness getting it checked out will get things recovering better. Mind you, spin and pilates on the same day – how fit are you getting? Go kathryn go!
    I love reorganisng furniture, what fun 🙂 Get one of those glittery dolphin beady curtains from the toy shop!

  4. What an exceptionally well written story. I especially like the Uncle Jules bit, hope he wasn’t named after me??

    I love beaded curtains, good for keeping out the hippies.

    I had a flatmate who used to stand at my doorway without saying anything. Like the first time, my furniture had just arrived from the moving company and I was lying on my bed reading a book. I felt the presence of someone, looked up and there he was just standing there. He says “is that your bed?”. No you fuckwit, it’s my handbag.

  5. 😳

    Great story

  6. Hey Kathryn, the story got my heart rate up nearly as much as my exercise tonight 🙂

    The best bit was the comment in the footer at the end – “She finds the research gruelling but she goes at it with guts and determination” 🙂

  7. You legend. Congratulations.

  8. Excellent piece of writing Kathryn, I had to go and take a cold shower 😆

    Hope you sort out that leg of yours.

  9. Happy New Year Kathryn!!
    Well done on having your story published. I will read it shortly.

    I hope your leg is OK.

    (re mushrooms – I also have a reaction to MSG – migraines – maybe I was just overdosed on MSG that night?….It’s just that I have never actually passed out or had hallucinactions before)

  10. I enjoyed the way the story built up in stages to the climax. Now why would I use the word climax?

    Well done Kathryn.

  11. Haha…I was going to say exactly what Andrew said about your comment – “She finds the research gruelling but she goes at it with guts and determination”. Great story Kathyrn and really felt it 🙂

  12. kathryn!!!!!!!! it’s finally the weekend so i finally got to read your story in Lucrezia, had it bookmarked for tonight and just finished.fucking amazing… sexy and intense and amazingly written. oooh yeah.

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