Organised (kinda)

Did I mention in my last post that my legs stopped working after the run on Friday? Well they did. They are fine when I’m using them but when I sit for a while they seized up and I’m like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I’ve been a bit worried cos I had problems with piriformis syndrome a few times last year. Hopefully it’s nothing major. I’m kinda hopeful because it’s the same pain both sides (upper hamstrings and butt) so seems more like DOMS than an actual injury. Anyway I’ve taken it easy the last few days which has been a shame since the weather was so moderate today.

Since I haven’t been exercising, I spent the day organising stuff.  Then I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. I have a huge Ikea bookcase and last time I moved it, it wouldn’t budge, then I realised I’d left all my dumbbells on the bottom shelves! Oops! I have a bad habit of trying to move furniture without taking stuff off it (cos that’s the hardest bit about moving stuff).

Before I had the bookcase dividing the room so I had my sleeping area and computer area separate but decided that was bad Feng Shui cos the energy in the room was getting blocked. Well maybe not but the whole room looked cluttered because the bookcase is really open and full of crap. Now I’ve got it sitting against the wall and the whole room is opened up (I’ve got a huge amount of floor space — I think some sock skating will be done shortly).

The only problem with the new arrangement is that if I sit at my computer with my bedroom door open, there is no barrier between me and the housemates. They seem to think it’s okay to stop in the doorway for a chat.  Honestly, if I wanted to chat to my housemates, I’d go live with people I liked.  I’m going to go to one of those discount shops and get some cheap beaded curtains to put up.

Damn housemates. We were watching the X Files in the lounge room.  We rarely use the lounge but it’s the coolest room in the house so one of the housemates kept coming in chatting. I would have said – “look mate, who do you think we want to spend our Saturday night with – you or David Duchovny?” except I didn’t think of it until today.

He’s also started bumming stuff off me (the housemate, not David Duchovny). He asked to use my washing machine and I really didn’t want to let him but couldn’t think of a way to say NO without looking petty and mean. Maybe I am petty and mean but I hate other people using my stuff.  Now he’s taken to bumming cigs off me.  Well he did the other night and I have him some then he never paid me back and asked me for more today.  Phht, as if I’m an idiot.

It really shits me because I’d never ask my housemates for a thing.  Ever.  I don’t believe in borrowing things off anyone (except family and close friends) and hate loaning stuff.  Next time he asks, I’m going to tell him no and that I’m really uncomfortable with him even asking me.  Hopefully that’ll shut him up.


7 responses to “Organised (kinda)

  1. Where’s the sympathy? Loading the dishwasher is hard work … I swear it is! lol. Just say no to the housemate, you don’t have to do a bloody thing you don’t want to, it’s your stuff! But give him ALL YA CIGS you don’t bloody need them ya twit! Said EVER so nicely of course!

  2. I used to have the most darling flatmate but she turned into Atilla the Hun when it came to lending stuff. She would borrow ciggies etc all the time and if we (me and other flattie) sprung for pizza or coffee from the 7/11, she would just indulge no worries.

    But she was really stingy in the reciprocal. We actually found at the back of her diary, a tally of each and every ciggie we had borrowed off her, a three way split of milk and other tiny items she had put into the flat on rare occassions. Yet there was no credit there for all the things she’d indulged in. Love her but what a tight arse.

    If you don’t want to share sweet but don’t borrow either – directed at your flatmate not you.

    I wouldn’t be able to stomach living with other people now!! fuck that, I’d kill someone.

  3. I don’t know how you do it! 😀 Housemates are just so …. argh. Each time I did it, it was with people I intiially liked but those friendships dissolved pretty fast, unfortunately.

    I’m a bit the same with loaning things out now, too many things have gone AWOL. Unfortunately, it’s some of my family members who are the worst offenders.

  4. Housemates are great. When you find the right ones…but you can never have all the right ones in the place together. I have 2 fab ones and one ugh!

    ugh! I tell you.

  5. I’m sure it is just DOMS from all that running around the mountain!

  6. I hate that .. thinking up the witty comment days later! The sock skating sounds like fun.

  7. well you are a fasciinating person, so you cannot blame people, flat mates included wantign to stop and chat.
    with regard to smoking i smoked for 2 years, but gave up. I have to say every time i see people being narassed by others for smokes, it did remind me how great it was not to smoke.
    Is it true people smoke to self medicate, and to repress painful emotions? It is defintiely true more poor people smoke, by a ratio of about 4 to 1. Does being less financial than average lead to added stress, less likely to afford othe therapies? Or is it a case that some common things say from childhood lead to both?
    then again maybe many of the rich people who do not smoke have their secret cocaine,valium and other things.
    For me, i would say childhood pains caused me to turn to cigarettes later, and also left me with little confidence regardign making money or believing in myself on thigns.
    So giving up smoking takes soem self discovery, just like the wieght loss journey.
    Maybe as the changes occur, publicatoins, gettting back on top financially, nice clothes, fun runs, friendships, then at some point the changes will say: time to go cigarettes?

    Not that i am hoping one way or another, just that i would not be suprised it you did relinguish smoking at some point soon, cos from your journal you seem to have overcome every other challenge you have set yourself, like gettign the professional work you did last year, but still time for your writing and sports and friend and even some fashion, and so many good things in your life.

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